May 29, 2014

Future Armchair Travels: Armchair BEA

I can't believe it is already the fourth day of Armchair BEA!  Time is flying by!

Today's topic is Beyond the Border.  If you have been reading my blog for very long, you will know already that I am a huge, nay GIGANTIC, lover of world lit as well as any books about other cultures.  I am fascinated by other cultures.  I used to run a weekly feature for a long time about this very topic called Take Me Away Saturday.  We went everywhere from Australia to Russia to Barbados.  I also just last month wrote a post about Why I Love World Lit.  In April 2010, I even interviewed bloggers, like Aarti, about their cultural diversity for a special series I did.

I have lots of categories devoted on my Goodreads book lists to world cultures because I read (and even more, want to read) so many of these books.  I've only ever been to India and England because of financial reasons (or I would've been everywhere by now) so I am big on armchair traveling!  So, as you can see, I am pretty into cultures and diversity. ;)

So for last year's Armchair BEA World Lit post, I posted lots of my favorite books with diversity. (Go check them out for great recs!)  The thing is, I post about this so much it almost feels like I am writing the same post over and over.  SO I am going to do something different for this year:

These are the books of diversity I WANT to read.

More than that, I already own them.  
I have bought them, I just have yet to read them.  
We all have Mt. TBR in our bookshelves and this is my cultural books TBR!

4683523   628036   11472   316558

11691   33917   25365   6060623

716632   7605137   1316509   27298

5555919   57498   13191028   8123911

This is a sampling, too!  Have you read any of these?  I feel like devouring all of them right now!  

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