April 26, 2014

Readathon: Hour 8

So I feel like I haven't gotten much reading done at all.  Mainly because...I haven't gotten much reading done at all.

The first hour I only read 14 pages of The Thief by Helen Whalen Turner because I was so easily distracted by Twitter.

Hour 2 I did better and managed to read 30 pages but in Hour 3 those three hours of sleep started scrambling for my attention and I only read another 16 pages.

In Hour 4 I tried to caffeine it up and even switched books to hopefully jar me into staying awake.  I got exactly 9 pages into Cut by Patricia McCormick before I found myself sleeping sitting up.

So I just went to bed and took a nap.  For 2 hours.  (Technically 2.5 when you count chair sleeping.)

Soooooooo...not exactly a productive readathon - YET.  But I am trying to get it together now and read tons in the next hour!

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