April 20, 2014

My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

A glass of wine with a bubble bath at the end of a long day.
Reading tabloids.
Real Housewives.

We all have guilty pleasures.  Here are mine.  What are yours?

1. Teen TV Dramas

The Vampire Diaries. The Originals.  The Carrie Diaries.

Reign.  Switched at Birth.

These are shows that don't exactly challenge the mind, but I love them all the same.  I mean, Reign is not even historically accurate, yet I can't stop watching it.   It's just so addictive!

2. Keeping Late Hours

I am a bit of a night owl.  My grandparents were the same way.  I come by it honestly.  I can function any time of the day but I am much more creative and feel physically better during the night hours.  Part vampire, perhaps?

3. Fuzzy Socks

I've mentioned this before on social media, but I'm a sucker for fuzzy socks, especially during the winter.  So cozy!

4. Bubble Baths

Before fuzzy socks, nothing's better than a nice, hot bubble bath!   I wish I had a clawfoot bath tub (like the one below) to take them in, but I will take them however I can get them.  Maybe I'd never do anything else if I had this tub.  It's entirely possible.

5. Pedicures

I can't afford them as much as I would like, but I love them.  My favorite part is the sugar scrub.  I have some at home, but it is just not the same.

6. Long Drives

Sometimes I love to just crank up the music and go exploring.  If it is warm and I can roll the windows down, all the better.  I try not to think about the gasoline I'm burning on a pointless trip.

7. Pinterest

If you've been on Pinterest, you know what I'm talking about.  

8. Guilty Pleasure Songs

Usually I listen to awesome music.  Lyrics that make sense or are deep.  Music that makes me dance without repeating the same 4 lines over and over.  Music that has meaning.  But....

There are just some songs that I love even though I am so ashamed of it.  You know I am not the only one.  They might not be the same as yours, but you have them!   A couple of mine are Criminal by Britney Spears,  La La by Ashlee Simpson, S&M by Rihanna, Dear John by Taylor Swift, even Story of My Life by One Direction.  Even when I am listening to these, I scream to myself, WHAT am I doing?  WHY do I like this crap?   There are those few that get stuck in my head and won't come unglued.  Sigh.  It's hard admitting this, truly.

9. Earrings

I have a thing for earrings.  I don't have a lot but they are the one piece of jewelry I truly love wearing.

10. Collecting Books

We all love reading books.  Why else would you be reading a book blog?  But there are those of us who also love collecting them.  Sometimes we are clever about it and collect first editions or series or collections with special covers.  Not me.  I just want all the books.  As soon as I trade books in, I get more.  There's absolutely no room for any more books yet that stops me not.  Books from publishers.  Books from authors.  Books from stores.  Books that were gifts. Not to mention, my Kindle is exploding.  I have no business with any more books.  Oh look!  It's the new Christopher Gortner book!  I must have it.

What are YOUR guilty pleasures?  You've gotta tell me at least one!   So I don't feel so guilty! 

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