April 28, 2014

Fates by Lanie Bross

I enjoyed this story of Corinthe and Lucas. I am always on the lookout for fantasy stories that have a new angle, and a Fate is definitely something I have not come across much before. 

Corinthe is a Fate, which means she and her sisters are charged with the marbles that hold different human destinies.  She has to pluck those marbles that show there needs to be some intervening, some tiny push to get the fate to play out.  One day, however, Corinthe gets distracted and she loses one.  She is exiled to the human world where she becomes an Executor, charged with making sure people's fates play out according to plan.  

One day, ten long years later, Corinthe learns she can go home if she just executes one last fate - she needs to kill someone.  For the first time, Corinthe begins to doubt.  She has never had to kill someone, and to make matters more complicated, she is falling for the boy she needs to kill so she can return home to Pyralis Terra where she belongs.  In a world where fate has been in charge of every second of every minute, how can Corinthe save Lucas without throwing everything into chaos?

I felt that the world-building of Pyralis Terra was executed beautifully, as were the world-building of the other dimensions to which they traveled.  Corinthe's identity crisis felt real and raw. It was built slowly and realistically, piece by jagged piece. Lucas' character was also created so that I believed Corinthe would find him different than other humans. I wasn't just told, which I appreciate greatly as a reader. 

The secondary characters were written extremely well, also.  I felt connected to them as much as Lucas and Corinthe.  

The only part I didn't really like was that it ended with an obvious note there would be a series. That bugs me.  But I enjoyed the story so much that it did not irk me as much as usual.  It should be noted that this story is told in dual third-person POV, which seems like it would feel disconnected, but somehow Bross makes it work. 

I would definitely recommend this title and would read more by Lanie Bross.


"When children had no choices left, they all looked the same."

"What would happen to the balance, to the order, if people started choosing for themselves?"

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