March 23, 2014

Short Story Sunday: A Resumed Identity

Story: A Resumed Identity by Ambrose Bierce
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This is the story of a man who appears to be a bit perplexed by his surroundings and himself.  He cannot hear people coming down the road, though he can see them.  Yet when he talks, he can hear himself.  Then the people going down the road disappear quite suddenly.  Much too quickly for the pace they were walking.  He walks a ways and encounters a doctor on horseback who seems to be as perplexed by what the man remembers and has experienced as the man himself.  Is it amnesia?  Is it trauma?  Is he a lunatic?  

I thought the story was well-written and I was curious which of two directions I thought the story might head.  I thought either he was supernatural or things around him were supernatural. The ending could have used a little more punch, but I like the direction it went.  ****

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