February 1, 2014

Review #8 - Poison by Bridget Zinn - An EPIC RECS Read

You might remember me mentioning Epic Recs about a month ago.  Epic Recs is hosted by Books of Amber.  You get paired up with an awesome blogger (in my case, Kayla of Bibliophilia, Please) and you recommend a book for them to read (I recommended Level 2 (aka The Memory of After) by Lenore Appelhans, click here for her review) and they recommend a book for you (Poison).   Kayla has good taste because I really enjoyed Poison!

Kyra is a sixteen-year-old potions master, who just also happens to be a fugitive.  Why?  Oh, well, just because of this one little thing where she attempted to assassinate the princess, her best friend.  The thing is, she had no choice because the destruction of the entire kingdom was weighing on her shoulders.  And she never misses, but this time the poison dart does.  

Kyra is in hiding but she is not giving up.  Against every instinct in her body, she even asks her enemy for help.  Now she's dodging the king's army and her ex-friends who are also potioners, and the only help she has is a bag of potions, a pig, and a mysterious, yet charming, stranger who helps her out of a bad situation and keeps turning up unexpectedly.  

I really liked Kyra- she's intelligent, thoughtful, witty, resourceful, and kinda badass.  Exactly the kind of protagonist you want in a story.  I also liked Fred, the charming stranger, as he is hilarious.  Zinn brings fast-paced adventure, a touch of romance, and clever one-liners to a story of magic and science, depending on your point of view.

I can't wait to read Kayla's next recommendation, Cinder by Marissa Mayer.  

"Nadya's eyes twinkled. 'It's always fun to spend time with young people.'  She shook her head.  'Always think they know everything.  There are more things in this world that you don't know than you will ever imagine."

Fred: “Ariana, there's a small rodent on your face. Thought you should know."
Ariana: "It's a mustache. Kyra assured me that it's extremely convincing.”


  1. I'm pretty sure I've got it on kindle, so I'll have to read it next :) Fab review!

  2. I hope to read more YA and fantasy this year...


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