February 1, 2014

Review #7: The Undertaking of Lily Chen by Danica Novgorodoff

This is a dark, morbid tale, but its seriousness is broken up by humorous moments.  When Deshi's brother is hit by a jeep on the military base where Deshi is a pilot, their parents assign Deshi the task of finding a bride for his brother, Wei, in the afterlife.  He goes on a quest across China to find such a corpse bride.  Along the way he gets tangled up with Lily Chen who is running away from her parents, her small village, and the lack of options for her future there.  The story follows Deshi and Lily as they simultaneously look for Wei a bride and escape to the city.  It also follows Lily's father as he rounds up the "strongest" men in the village (a rag tag group of the crippled, old, and clueless) and goes in search of his daughter who believes has been taken by a villain.  

Pic thanks to firtsecondbook.com

The illustrations are vivid and emotive.  It is obvious that Novgorodoff is a true artist as well as storyteller.  If you can handle the rather dark plot, then The Undertaking of Lily Chen is a wondrous ride of a graphic novel.

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  1. I could probably handle a dark story like that in graphic novel format. The illustrations are outstanding!


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