January 19, 2014

TSS: Reading, Art Journaling, and Me

Happy Sunday people!   How has your week been?  Busy?  Productive?  Slow?  Fun?  Boring? Interesting?  Mine was pretty good though it could've gone a little better.  I had a low energy week so I didn't get walks and yoga in like I wanted to, but I did keep up with physical therapy and the myriad of other appointments I had, including getting a custom brace made for my ankle.  It should be done in a couple of weeks and I will be paying it off for months lol.  The price of wanting to walk, right?  I've been reading some good books and getting stuff accomplished on my Resolutions list, though, so I consider it a successful week!

What I'm Reading:

Books Completed: Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

Books Started: Poison by Bridget Zinn, Away From You by Melanie Finn, Sitka by Louis L'Amour 

Books Still Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (for readalong), The Yard by Alex Grecian, Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald

What I'm Listening To:

1. Imagine Dragons
2. Andrew Belle
3. Aerosmith
4. Pearl Jam
5. The Avett Brothers
6. Miranda Lambert
7. Two Door Cinema Club
8. Andrea Bocelli
9. Birdy
10. Lorde
11. A Fine Frenzy
12. Yuna

What have you been listening to?

What I'm Watching:

1. Downton Abbey
2. Part of Season 2 of Don't Trust the B...in Apt. 23
3. I binge watched all of Season 2 of American Horror Story: Asylum last Sunday

What I'm Currently Obsessed With:
1. ART JOURNALING- I picked these up yesterday.  I already had the rest of my supplies.  So anxious to get started!

Those are pearlescent watercolors.  Fun!

2. Meditating
3. Yoga
4. Mindfulness (Concentrating on the present moment using your 5 senses)
5. Poetry
6. Roasted Almonds - I can't seem to get enough this week.  
7. Daily Lit - I will be starting Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (a re-read) this week.

Resolutions Progress:  (see my resolutions in full here)

1. Bookish: I've read 4/75 books for the year.  I've read 1357/25000 pages (only includes finished books).  I have read zero books that didn't interest me and I read and reviewed only 1 ARC, and that's because I was supposed to do it a long time ago.  Oops!

2. Creative: Definite progress on drawing more.  I have been drawing as well as taking drawing lessons from Drawspace.com.  I am also, as you saw above, working on an art journal.  I will share that as it unfolds.   I still need to see a man about getting new strings for my ukulele.  

3. Health:  Made good progress in Physical Therapy again this week.  I am blowing my therapist's mind so that's awesome.   I told her it's because I totally rock. ;)  LOL  I've also lost 10 lbs (and counting!).  Woohoo!  

4. Self-Education:  I've been reading up on freelance writing.  Now I need to make some writing samples.  I am doing much better with meditating and made it to 3 minutes this week!  My goal of 6 minutes might have been undershooting it a little but considering a month ago I couldn't do 30 seconds, I wasn't sure!  Focusing on a mantra helps me much more than trying to clear my mind completely, which is not going to happen, at least not anytime soon.

5. Relationships:  I'm communicating much clearer with John and we are trying to explain our thought processes when the other one is like er...what the what, dude?  I'm focusing on taking care of myself and that is making me happier, which in turn makes John happier, and is actually strengthening our relationship.  Who knew taking my focus off of him and putting it on myself would actually cement us more?

6. Random Resolutions:  I haven't accomplished any of these 5 things yet.  But it's still January.  There's time.  :)

Tell me all about your week!  


  1. Wow! You are doing great. I'm impressed. Let me say it again. Wow!

    Here's my Sunday Salon.

    1. I'm trying! Thanks, though. It helps to have encouragement :)

  2. First, I'm glad to hear things are going well for you and John. Second, and less important, what poetry are you reading?

    1. I am reading a book called Making Your Own Days by Kenneth Koch about writing & reading poetry. And, thanks. :)

  3. The art journaling looks fun!

    Yay for the health progress -- you do rock!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Aww, thank you, Joy! And art journaling IS fun. I recommend it :)

  4. I have a feeling the brace will be well worth it but I have to wonder why insurance won't pay for it.

    1. I don't know yet if they will or it goes toward my deductable. I will find out when the brace is ready which could be this week or next.

  5. Love seeing the art journaling supplies!

  6. Having so much fun with my daily sketch. Love the art journal thing. :)

  7. So much to comment on here . . .

    I am so excited that you finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!! Do you anticipate moving on to the next one soon? The last two books are so amazing!!

    I am so curious about your art journaling! As you know, I love the journaling, but I don't consider myself artistic at all. I do love to see what others are drawing though and ohhh and ahhh over what others can do! You should totally link up your stuff on my new feature (end shameless plug)!! :)

    Woohoo to your progress towards your resolutions!! Great start to the year!!

  8. You're doing so well! How's American Horror Story? I've been curious about it.


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