January 26, 2014

TSS: Oops I almost forgot the Sunday Salon post!

I have been so consumed with my to-do list for Bloggiesta this weekend that I almost forgot my Sunday Salon post.  It's been kind of a strange week.  I haven't felt good for most of it but I did finish reading several books because of having so much down time.  It will be interesting to see how I did on my Resolutions this week.

What I'm Reading:

Books Completed: Poison by Bridget Zinn, Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Will O' the Wisp by Tom Hammock, Making Your Own Days: The Pleasures of Reading and Writing Poetry by Kenneth Koch

Books Started: Ruined by Paula Morris, Why We Write by Meredith Maran

Books Still Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (for readalong), Away From You by Melanie Finn, Sitka by Louis L'Amour,The Yard by Alex Grecian

What I'm Listening To:

1. Yuna - I love this Malaysian pop vocalist, especially her song Rescue.
2. The Neighbourhood - First I liked their song Sweater Weather but I think I like their new release Afraid much more.
3. Stevie Wonder - Superstition is my favorite Stevie Wonder song.  I saw him live once in D.C. on the 4th of July and it was as amazing as you'd imagine.

What I'm Watching:

1. Sherlock - The first episode of the season was sooo good right?  Thank you to Andi who helped me find the episode on pbs.org since I missed the showing last week.  Can't wait for tonight!

2. Downton Abbey - Because Downton.  Another can't wait for it show to watch tonight.  I don't even watch TV on a TV except for these two shows.  You know, because British.

3. This week I also watched Season 2 of Continuum on Netflix (scary how real the near future is to what we are witnessing now); The Fog with Selma Blair, Tom Welling, and Maggie Grace; Lore which is a German film (I think, they spoke in German) about a young woman who has to lead her siblings across a war-torn Germany in 1945 after her Nazi parents are imprisoned.  I recommend both movies.

What I'm Obsessed With:

1. Poetry
2. Yuna (as previously stated)
3. The Art Journal Project (more on this below)
4. Naps (I can't seem to get enough this week)

Resolutions Progress:  (see my resolutions in full here)

1. BOOKISH: I have now read 9 books in 2014.  SWEET!   If I can keep this up I will surpass my goal of 75 books this year. 

 Now, on to the so-so news.  Shannon introduced me to Edelweiss and Lisa brought Penguin's First Read to my attention.  Holy ARCs, Batman!  This also made me go look at Net Galley to make sure I had not forgotten anything there (of course I HAD).  On top of that I signed up to do a blog tour for both Amy and Michelle.  And there goes my resolution for not reviewing bunches of review books spiraling away from me.  Ack!  My only consolation is that I am still reading more from my TBR pile than review books.  It's a tiny itty-bitty consolation though.

2. CREATIVE:  So if you've been reading my past Sunday Salon posts, you know that I have gotten into Art Journaling.  It is soooo much fun.  Amanda, Natasha, Heather, and Belle are also into the art journaling and we have been sharing all our work and creative finds.  It is AWESOME.   I only did one page this week though, sadly, because I just haven't had a lot of energy since I've been having this fibro flare-up.  With that said, I have found a few books from the library about art journaling that I have put on hold and I am finding creative inspiration everywhere!  In addition to the art journaling, I've been taking more lessons from drawspace.com this week. 

3. HEALTH:  I have been having a fibromyalgia flare this week so I have not been on long walks or going to yoga class.  I tried to have a massage last week but it was not my regular therapist and she was inexperienced and it did not help much.  I have an appt. tomorrow with my regular guy and I know that will help a lot.  I went to PT twice this week and learned some new strengthening moves and she did some myofascial release too, which is the best thing to ever happen to me.

4. SELF-EDUCATION:  Um....this sort of took a back seat this week.  I will get back on to it this week.

5. RELATIONSHIPS:  I am planning on calling my BFF in Richmond today.  I haven't talked to her in weeks.  Luckily we have the kind of friendship that we pick up where we left off no matter how much time has passed.  I wish we lived closer though!   

John has been sick with a cold this week, which worries me because he has issues converting oxygen into his bloodstream and a cold complicates that.  But I have not been feeling my best either this week so I took my resolution to heart and I have been focusing on taking care of myself first and letting John take care of himself first so that we can then come together later and be there for each other.  We were a kind of pathetic cute too, texting each other from our perspective beds. LOL

6. RANDOM RESOLUTIONS:  These haven't come to fruition yet either.  But there's still time, right?

So tell me all about your week!
What did you read?  Listen to?  Watch?
Are you making headway with your resolutions yet?


  1. You manage to keep so busy with so many projects, which is very admirable. Keep it up and hope the massage and PT will help this week. The book on poetry looks interesting!

    1. Thanks! I am really making myself stay on top of things this year!

  2. My favorite from Stevie is Because I love you (The Postman Song). Love it!

  3. Looks like you're doing well, both with bloggiesta and your yearly resolutions! I've only read 4 books this year and January is almost over! Need to kick things up a notch or I'll have a tough time making my goal of 100. Love the sound of art journaling! Tif over at Tif Talks Books has started a feature about her journaling, and it's made me want to start again. I'm not very good at art, but I used to have several different journals going at once.

    Hope your health improves, especially with this nasty cold weather!

    1. I saw Tif's new journal feature! I like it. I like it a lot! And thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Glad you're feeling a bit better and I hope it continues to improve. I'm pretty obsessed with Downton and Sherlock, too! We record them because I haven't convinced my husband that they are the best thing ever, so I watch them later in the week. I'm thinking a cold Monday is late enough.

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. To be honest, I totally missed them last night and I have to watch them on pbs.org this week! I was all wrapped up in what I was doing and totally spaced on what night it was!

  5. Ok, so I watch Sherlock, and I watch Downton, but now... what you said about Continuum has me soooo intrigued! ACK not another show to start! :)
    Tales of the Jazz Age looks great!! I'll be anxious to see what you think of it :)

    1. LOL Laura...It really is a good show. You should try it! I will make you a convert to the fan club!

  6. I'm glad you're doing well on your resolutions. Mine? Eh, not so much. Failed today at one: getting to church weekly. Hopefully can do better tomorrow and get to gym.

  7. You are doing great on your resolutions. The art journaling sounds fabulous. Here's to a lovely week!

  8. I tried reading Ruined and couldn't get through it. Way too derivative of Twilight for me.

    1. So far I have not found that but if I do it will be thrown against a wall. Ick. What a thought.

  9. I love the idea of art journaling... but since I struggle with drawing stick figures, I think word journals are more my style.

    Tales of the Jazz Age sounds fascinating to me right now... I am slowly developing an appreciation for this music and this era.

    1. Oh I love the music, too! I think I would have been a flapper in another life!

      I am not a fantastic artist either. My talents pale in comparison to the other ladies doing it with me.

  10. I have Ruined on my shelf and still haven't gotten around to reading it!! Maybe soon!!

    I am adoring Sherlock, as usual! Last night's episode had me giggling so much!!

    1. I missed it last night! And Downton! I just totally spaced and all the sudden it was 10:30. Thank GOODNESS Andi told me they are on pbs.org!


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