August 21, 2013

Tour Stop: The Tudor Conspiracy by C.W. Gortner

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I was lucky enough to snag a spot in last month's HFV book tour for Gortner's The Queen's Vow (review here), but I also snagged a spot for his The Tudor Conspiracy, which I love EVEN

The Tudor Conspiracy follows a young man, Brendan, who is trying to help Princess Elizabeth escape her older sister, Queen Mary's, imprisonment of her.  I am a big fan of the Tudors family and I really enjoyed the unique perspective of Brendan.  Brendan finds himself embroiled in the midst of court politics and danger when he becomes a double agent.  He works to free Elizabeth while being employed by Queen Mary to discover proof that Elizabeth plots against her.  There is intrigue, power plays, suspense, action, adventure, and a deadly rivalry.  What more can you ask for from your historical fiction?

I loved how Gortner jumped right in to the story, I loved how he made Brendan a complex character, and I loved how there was a secondary story in addition to the primary conflict that was just as entertaining.  It kept it interesting and I never got bored, which, if you know me, is no easy task for a writer!

Also, I can tell, on this book even more so than Queen's Vow, Gortner chooses his words in order to pack an intense amount of power and beauty into each carefully crafted sentence.  I appreciated how beautiful the language was while the story still moved forward.

If you enjoy historical fiction, and especially Tudor history, than I recommend buying this book ASAP!

About the Author

C.W. Gortner holds an MFA in Writing, with an emphasis in Renaissance Studies. Raised in Spain and half Spanish by birth, he currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He welcomes readers and is always available for reader group chats. Please visit him at for more information.  You can also follow Christopher on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. What a cool sounding book-I wonder if Brendan is a real person or based on a real person who helped Princess Elizabeth while her sister was queen.

  2. Love historical fiction, but add a mystery to it sounds even more intriguing.
    Thanks for your post Becca.


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