July 3, 2013

Review #30: Nightmares and Dreams by JamieLynn Boothe

Nightmares and Dreams (Book 1)  

Goodreads Summary:
Nightmares of being raped as a teenager has haunted Christy for years and she has tried to run and hide from them to no avail. The pain it has caused her over the years has taken enough of a toll to where she has finally had enough and moved back home to her hometown of Moneta, Virginia to be with the woman she loves. After being away for six years from the small country town where she grew up, facing her fears and finally being in Heathers arms again gives her hope for normality in her life.

Once she realized that running was only getting away from the physical aspect of it and she had to deal with the mental fears as well, everything started to fall into place. Seeking professional help, being with Heather and doing what she loves most, teaching, Christy had reason to smile again.
Being home a short while things are going smoothly and happiness has entered her life once again until a horrendous hate crime was committed targeted specifically towards homosexuals. The roller coaster ride that Christy and Heather are now unwillingly having to experience is nothing like they have ever encountered in their lives before.

Men nothing short of being monsters continue their rage by kidnapping Christy and take her off into the hills. Being kept hidden in an old hunting cabin where her earlier nightmares dwindle in comparison to what they have in store for her, Christy is faced with a life or death situation. With feeling overwhelmed with her fears becoming real life and being helpless in a secluded cabin, can Christy overcome the odds stacked against her and escape somehow, or will the monsters who torment her kill her before she is able to get away and back into Heathers loving embrace?


This book has a lot of things going on - rape and the aftermath, hate crimes, kidnapping, love story.  It is relevant and it is bold.

It's a story about compassion, strength, courage, fear, and optimism.  

I had trouble getting into the story because there was a lot of dialogue that I did not feel moved the story along, but once I was about 40% in I think?, I really began to feel for Christy.  It was a little difficult to stay with the story sometimes, though, with the unnecessary information throughout the book.  I don't like a story to stand still.  Ever.

The only other drawbacks I saw were there were several instances when it changed from first person to third person.  It did not help me trying to get into the story.  Lastly is that the language can be overly simplistic at times, but that wouldn't be a drawback for everyone.  It's just a personal preference.

Overall, I would say give this book a try.  It is a powerful story and one that has not been told before.  I think Boothe has a great mind for unique and powerful story lines and will be one to watch for in the future.

Note: This book has a lot of expletives.  I don't mind at all, but I thought I would put that out there.  I think the context makes sense, too, since she has been through so much trauma.

"The last thought that goes through my mind is that I hope it's a darkness I never wake from."

"Fear seems to have become my best friend since it is the only emotion I have felt lately."


  1. This looks like a really intense book-I'm not sure I could handle all the trauma Christy endures. What a brave woman she is to persevere.

    1. It can be intense, but the Dreams part of the title does allude to some of the hope involved.

  2. 40% is too long for me to wait for a book to start getting interesting for me. I'm surprised you stuck with this one, Becca.

    1. It is, but it is pretty powerful emotionally, especially for me since I identified with her pain and struggles after the assault.

  3. I know this is going to sound defensive but this story is about someone going through something that so many unfortunately go through. I wrote this to show who has or will that there is hope and that true love is so powerful that it can help you overcome any obstacle. What you do not see in the review however, no offence Becca, is that there is so much more to it than what Christy goes through. There is also recovery from alcohol with one of the characters and a struggle with their identity. There is the matter of what society sees on the news and the victim not being a victim any longer. Overcoming adversity and becoming stronger because of it. Maybe it does start out a little slow for some people but it leads into some intensity that will not only have you sitting on the edge of your seat but also gripping your heart.

    1. I have to agree, and I should have included that in there. Sorry JamieLynn! I think I identified with her struggles more because while I was not raped, I was sexually assaulted by a date a few years ago and I think that my mind just focused more on that aspect of it.

      I mentioned the slow part only because I have A.D.D. and it is very hard for me to focus on a book that doesn't get into action pretty quickly. It is just something personal for me and not everyone will feel that it is slow that long but I did so I mentioned it.

      I do hope people read this book, though, because it was very powerful emotionally.

  4. I understand Becca and I am sorry that you went through that type of hell. Thank you for coming back and saying what you said, I appreciate it.


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