June 14, 2013

Lost in Bookish Links - Weird Books, Desktop Themes, and Summer Reading for the Kids

1. Rudyard Kipling letter admits he plagiarized part of the Law of the Jungle (Telegraph) - I read somewhere that all the best authors blatantly steal from other authors.  Certainly bad authors just looking for a quick payday do it.  What do you think about his confession? Here is another article from the Telegraph about Kipling, who said that Plagiarism is the fairy godmother of invention.

2. Shocking New Theory about Elizabeth I unearthed in historic manuscripts (Daily Mail) - Thanks to Michelle @ The True Book Addict for showing me this article.  In a lot of ways there are good arguments for this theory, but then again, wouldn't SOMEBODY have noticed?

3. 11 Weird Books That Really Exist (Mental Floss) - My favorite?  Teach Your Wife to Be a Widow.   What the...what?

4. 20 Awesome Examples of Literary Graffiti (Buzzfeed) - I can't choose a favorite.  They are pretty awesome, I agree.

5. What Kids Are Reading , In School and Out (NPR) - Every single kid in the class expressed his/her dislike for realism.

6. Speaking of kids reading in the summer, have you checked out James Patterson's ReadKiddoRead Program's Summer Reading List?

7.  If you use Google Chrome for Windows, check out this beautiful desktop theme called The Beauty of Books!  I downloaded it and love it!

Main reading room, Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  1. It's true! Many older women don't know know where the bank statements are kept or even what bank the money is at because "my husband takes care of that"! The title is weird, I'll grant you that.

  2. Great links this week!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I don't know about that Elizabeth I theory-I feel like they're trying to diminish the accomplishments of one of the strongest most powerful women in history by saying she was so smart and great because she was actually male.

  4. That's Canada's Parliamentary Library! (The desktop) I wrote an article about it on Book Riot and Obama visited it recently. It is really cool.

    I'm not sure how to feel about Rudyard Kipling's letter. I feel like his entire oeuvre is problematic on a moral level.

  5. Fun - I'm off to check out the bookish graffiti!


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