June 5, 2013

Little Bookworms for June (Picture Book Reviews)

Littlest Bookworm is a feature where I review children's books, mostly picture books.  This is easier than running an entirely different blog for it.  It became overwhelming to have three different blogs!  So now they will be on here.  I will use a similar short 'n sweet format.  Hope you enjoy. :)

Rifka Takes a Bow

Title: Rifka Takes a Bow
Author: Betty Rosenburg Perlov
Illustrator: Cosei Kawa
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
Ages: 5 to 9
One Sentence Summary: 
Rifka hangs out backstage at the Yiddish theater, where her parents are actors on the stage.
First Line
"Papa pastes on a brown, curly mustache and picks up a cane."
Best Vocab Words: 
Automat, Yiddish, rouge, plaster
Rating: 4 out of 5 bookworms
Five Descriptive Words for Book:
cute, fun, interesting, cultural, informative
Favorite Part:
The discussion of how ketchup is used for blood and how Rifka's papa makes a fake beard and mustache for his makeup.

Title: No Way to Haircut Day
Author: Flo Barnett
Illustrator: Derek Bacon
Publisher: Self-published
Ages: 3 to 6
One Sentence Summary:
A little boy hates getting his haircut and fights it until it happens and he realizes he looks handsome with his hair cut.
First Line:
"Why do I need my hair cut?  I really need to know."
Best Vocab Words:
barber, shift, trickle
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Five Descriptive Words for Book:
rhyming, gimmicky, boring, tantrums, blah
Interesting Tidbit:
The kid's hair looks better before the haircut. Kind of negates the purpose of the story.

Title: The Legend of Papa Balloon
Author: C.R. McClure
Illustrator: Steven Kernen
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Ages: 4 to 8
One Sentence Summary:
Papa Balloon teaches the villagers a profound lesson about treating people with different viewpoints with respect and does so in a simple way.
First Line: 
"There once was a beautiful land which was full of life, light, and lots and lots of colored balloons."
Best Vocab Words:
crystal, concentrated, depends, deflate
Rating: 5 out of 5 bookworms
Five Descriptive Words for Book:
interesting, bright, page-turner, tolerance, empathy
I saw a lot of reviews on Goodreads that say this book was confusing for them and also their children.  I don't see how this could be confusing for the average adult.  It's not that complicated.  Also, children as young as 4 will be able to understand that this is about accepting others even though you might not agree with them.  The part about the Light might be harder to get, but just explain that as either a religious concept or as anything a person values, whether hard work, love, etc.  I loved this book and I think your kids will, too!

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  1. Glad that you liked 2/3 of these-that's always good! Curious as to how Papa Balloon confused people...it's a children's book-that shouldn't confuse the average adult.


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