May 6, 2013

Sites I Found on Time's 50 Best Websites 2013

There were a few I already knew about, like Mental Floss (an obvious choice), Feedly, and NPR First Listen, and there were some that didn't interest me, but these 3 were awesome picks that I'm glad to have in my repertoire now.

Sites I learned about thanks to Time's 50 Best Websites 2013:

1. ChartGirl- She makes charts of complicated matters like who was wrong in the Boston Marathon Bombing broadcasts and Westboro Baptist, aka the Worst Family Ever.

2. This is Your Jam - A way to share your favorite songs with Facebook and Twitter followers.  You can also connect it to Spotify.  Check out my page to see what it's like.

3. Coffitivity - Light ambient noise in the background that resembles sounds in a coffee shop so that you can work more productively!  


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