April 30, 2013

Quick Question #4

I asked this yesterday in the Book Bloggers Discussion Group, but I wanted to pose it here, too.

Do you ever read just to learn something?  Just to expand your mind?

My mother and older sister read constantly, but they only read to escape.  They never pick up books that might challenge them.  I understand that to an extent, but it is difficult for me since I see reading as not only an escape from reality but also as a way to learn how to understand my own reality.

What about you?


  1. I think we learn a lot even when we read to escape!

  2. I mostly read to escape but lately I have been craving some non-fiction and have been soliciting suggestions. I'm waiting for Lean In to arrive at the library.

  3. I read only to learn. It all started with Oprah's book club picks. They were so depressing I switched to nonfiction and never really went back. I do like a good story, but am almost always disappointed. I seldom meet others like me - even librarians wrinkle their noses at my books.

    1. Aww, well I actually enjoy nonfiction too. Sometimes I get way too deep into a subject, as well.

  4. I read non-fiction books to learn something. Fiction I usually use to escape.


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