April 17, 2013

Cover Discover: Hidden Eyes

Today on Cover Discover it is all about covers that feature a person, whose face you can see, but you can't see their eyes. 

      The Summer Prince      

Hidden by Marianne Curley
The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson

The Turncoat: Renegades of the Revolution   The Accursed

The Turncoat by Donna Thorland
The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates

Pretty Sly (Pretty Crooked, #2)    The Comfort of Lies

Pretty Sly by Elisa Ludwig
The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers

Duchess (Daughters of Fortune, #3)   The Collector (Dante Walker, #1)

Duchess by Susan May Warren
The Collector by Victoria Scott

Undead and Underwater (Undead, #11.5)  Kafka on the Shore

Undead and Underwater by Mary Janice Davidson
Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

What do you think of these covers? 


  1. I've been talking with a graphic designer/illustrator who is making a cover for my book and these kind of remind me of what I told her. I wanted to capture my characters on the cover, but I didn't want their faces to be shown. I wanted the reader to be able to visualize the characters on their own. I understand why some authors want to use hidden features on their covers.

    For some reason, I really like the cover for Hidden by Marianne Curly. I like the black and white cover with a colored font.

  2. I like some, like Kafka on the Shore, but don't really care for some of the others, like Undead and Underwater.

  3. I like Kafka on the Shore, too. The others... I don't know.

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    1. I've seen my cover on "headless women" and "dude, where's my forehead" compilations but had never considered that it's the masking of the eyes that allows viewers to identify with the figure. Neat list!

  5. I actually had seen a lot of these which surprises me. I like Duchess a lot probably because I adore covers with pretty dresses!


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