April 6, 2013

Comment Contest: Totals to Date, plus Bookish Prize Announcement!

As you probably know, I am having a comment contest right now.  I am giving bookish prizes to the 6 commenters who comment the most on my blog from Jan 1st- June 30th.  I am doing this because I wanted to give back to those who make an effort to leave me comments and let me know they are enjoying what they are reading on the blog.  I am appreciative of and read every single comment.  Unfortunately, I can only afford 6 prizes!

So first, I want to talk about the bookish prizes that I am giving out to the six (6) top commenters:

Top Commenter: up to $8 in e-books (any number) from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble

2nd Place: up to $5 in e-books (any number) from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble

3rd & 4th Place: up to $3 in e-books (any number) from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble

5th & 6th Place: any e-book $1.99 and under from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble

I wish I could afford to give out more prizes or even bigger prizes, but I am unemployed/disabled so this is all I can do!

Now, on to the comment tallies.

If you're wondering how in the world I keep track of the comments, here is a pic of my Excel spreadsheet where I do it at:

Commenters on the left, then total number of comments.  I was keeping track of who was on the leaderboard each week, but that ended up being mostly the same people each week, so became kind of pointless to keep track of on a weekly basis unless someone got added to it.

So here are the comment tallies thus far for every commenter since January 1st.  There is still TOTALLY time for you to catch up before June to make it to the leaderboard to win awesome prizes, too, so keep that in mind.

Aarti 1
alexia561 3
Ali 5
Amber (Books of Amber) 1
Ana T. 1
Angelica @ Paperback Princess 2
Anne G. 2
Arenal 3
Baley Peterson  1
Barbara  1
Becky (Page Turners) 1
Belle Wong 4
Beth Fish Reads 2
blacklilackitty 2
bookmagic 1
Bookworm1858 63
Book Cupid  3
Book Dilettante 1
Book Sake 1
Book Wheel 1
Book Wookie 1
Bryan (Unfinished Person) 5
Candace 2
Carina 2
Carol's Notebook 3
Caspette 3
Cathy 1
Cayce 1
Cecilia Larsen  4
Chris @moviesandsongs365 1
Chris Condy 1
Chris Howard 3
Christy English 2
Clare  2
cmriedel 4
Daphne 3
Darlene 1
Enbrethiliel 3
Ellie 3
Erica 1
Erika 1
Fay 1
Freda 2
Grace Lo 1
Greg @ Blog the Eclectic 1
Heidenkind (Tasha B.) 76
Henry Jordan 1
Hollie 1
Holly (2 Kids and Tired) 3
I'm so not a blogger 1
Indigo Roth 1
Jackie Bailey 1
JamieLynn Boothe 1
Jeanne (Necromancy) 2
Jenners 15
Jennifer Hartling 2
Jess 1
Juju @ Tales of Whimsy  2
Julie @ Book Hooked Blog 1
Kaitlyn Hoyt 15
Kaity 1
Kara-Karina 3
Kelly @ The Well Read Redhead 3
Kathy (Bermudaonion) 34
Katherine Nabity 1
Kirsten 2
Kristen (Always with a Book) 1
Kristen (Book Monsters) 1
Kristen M. 3
Lady in Read 1
Laurel Ann 1
Laurel Rain-Snow 4
Laurie C. 1
Leeswammes 1
Lenore Appelhans 1
life in the mom lane 1
Literary Feline 7
Megan C. Stroup 1
Mardel 1
Marg Bates 1
Mark Baker  1
Mari Reads 4
Maria @novalibrarymom 1
Mariann Simms 1
Marie (Boston Bibliophile) 1
Marie Burton 1
Mary Russell 1
Melissa Owens 2
Michelle Gragnon 1
Michelle @ True Book Addict 1
Mrs. H 1
My anxious life 1
new_mummy 1
Nicole @ Linus' Blanket 2
nickyf 1
nonamedufus 1
Passport Books 1
Peaceful Reader 1
P.J. 1
Quirky BookandFilmBuff 8
Rachel Bradford 2
Rajni 1
Rhapsody in Books 9
Robin McCormack 4
Robyn 1
Ruth 2
Ryan Groff 22
Serena 4
Sharli 1
Sheila (Bookjourney)  2
Shemwood Adam 1
Steph 1
Suey 1
Susan (of You Can Never Have Too Many Books) 3
Susan Flynn 1
Susan Stephenson 1
Suzi Love 1
Svea Love 3
Tanisha Christie 1
Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories 9
Tanya Patrice 1
Teddyree 2
Teddy Rose 1
The Filipino Reader 1
The Paper Princess 1
Tif (Tif Talks Books) 28
Tiffani 2
Too Fond 1
Unabridged Bookshelf 1
Vasilly 5
Veggiemomof2 1
Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, Tea 1
Vintagefrills 2
Yvonne 2
Ziva 2

So, now you see how many comments you have so far.  There are a few who are certainly far ahead but there are six slots open for the leaderboard, so don't worry!  Three months is still, what at least 60 posts, if not many more.  PLENTY of time.

Last, I want to say thank you to every single reader, RSS subscriber, e-mail subscriber, and GFC follower, whether you comment or not.  I love blogging and you guys help make that possible.  And if/when you comment, I am so excited.  So THANKS to each one of you!


  1. Wow, keeping up with all of that is a lot of work!

  2. I am so in awe of how you are keeping up with this! I am so not this organized lol! ;)

  3. I'm amazed at how organized you are! No matter how much I try, I never remained that organized. :) Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks, guys! I just record them as I respond to them, makes it easier. :)

  5. Wow-very impressed with how you're keeping track of all this! I have been considering having a comment contest and this is giving me inspiration.

  6. Wow, I suck.
    I definitely need to comment more.

  7. What fabulous idea! Don't think I would have the time to fit this into my schedule though;-(

  8. I'm impressed that you keep track of all the comments! I reply to all my comments, but tallying them is a completely different task. Great idea!


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