April 20, 2013

Books A to Z- "C"

Today's list falls on the letter "C", so the topic I chose to focus on today is books about the Circus and Carnivals!  Fun!

The Night Circus

Water for Elephants

A Son of the Circus

The Circus in Winter

Something Wicked This Way Comes


The Barnum Museum

The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb


The Funhouse

Geek Love

Showtime (Marvelle Circus, #1)

Tipping the Velvet

There are a lot more of books centered around carnies and circuses than I imagined!
Do you have a book about the circus or a carnival that you enjoyed?  Share it!


  1. There are way more books than I imagined-I've only read Water for Elephants but have a few of these other ones on my list (I've heard really good things about The Night Circus!)

    1. The Night Circus seems to be a very popular book!

  2. I actually don't think I've ever read any books about a circus...Actually, the YA book Tiger's Curse has a circus in the beginning and I really liked it. The Night Circus looks interesting!

    When I was in seventh grade, I tried to read a Dean Koontz book and it freaked me out...to this day, I still haven't picked up another Dean Koontz book.

    1. I haven't read Dean Koontz but I want to read the book above.

  3. I've read the first two books (The Night Circus and Water for Elephants), and loved them both. A few of these others look really interesting. I might have to check them out!

  4. Mainly just Water for Elephants. There are probably more but I can't think of them atm.

  5. So I traveled with a carnival for almost 4 years as a kid, so I tend to avoid anything that touches on any aspect of that life. It took me years and years before I even wanted to go to the state fair.


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