March 11, 2013

What I'm Reading and Weekly Wrap-Up for 3/11/13

This week I read a lot of short stories and poems, although I feel I am still putting very small dents in the books they came from.  Also 
What are you reading this week?



Strangelets by Michelle Gagnon
Last Week: 50%
This Week: 50%
Pages Read: 140
*For Review from Net Galley*

Short Stories:

Raid by Ted Janis
Play the Game by Colby Buzzell
Television by Roman Skaskiw
New Me by Andrew Slater

from Fire and Forget: Short Stories on the Long War
(see: Currently Reading)

The Elves and the Shoemaker
Grimm's Fairy Tales
Pages: 3

 from The Ecopoetry Anthology
(see: Currently Reading)

Robert Frost
An Old Man's Winter Night
The Need of Being Versed in Country Things
Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening
Spring Pools
The Most of It

Wallace Stevens (not a fan)
Sunday Morning
Anecdote of the Jar
The Snow Man
The River of Rivers in Connecticut

William Carlos Williams
Spring and All
The Sea-Elephant
Between Walls
Raleigh Was Right
The High Bridge above the Tagus River at Toledo



Sexy Feminism: A Girl's Guide to Love, Success, and Style
by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong and Heather Wood Rudolph
Last Week: 6%
This Week: 12%
Pages Read: 14
*For review via Net Galley*

A Soul's Calling by Scott Bishop
Last Week: 0%
This Week: 10%
Pages Read: 68
*For Review from Author*

Cliff of the Ruin by Bonnie McKernan
Last Week: 0%
This Week: 16%
Pages Read: 67
*For Review from Author*
(I somehow forgot about this one even though I started it before. 
Now I had to start over again and get it read and reviewed!)

The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Working on now: The Sign of the Four
Chapter: 1
Whole Book Stats:
Last Week: 8%
This Week: 9%
(This one is kind of hard to gauge given that there are four novels and dozens of short stories in the one collection.  I can't do page numbers or percentages on individual novels so I am doing Chapters to show my place.  I will add page numbers for % of whole book read to my total below.)

Short Stories:
Fire and Forget: Short Stories on the Long War
edited by Roy Scranton and Matt Gallagher
Last Week: 40%
This Week: 67%
Pages Read: 69


The Ecopoetry Anthology
edited by Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street
Last Week: 16%
This Week: 18%
Pages Read: 13
*For review via Net Galley* 



Jane by Robin Maxwell

Weekly Wrap Up -

~ Fairy Tales: The Golden Bird and The Elves and the Shoemaker by Brothers Grimm

~ Women's Lit Event: Sara Teasdale by Tasha B.
~ Women's Lit Event: Why Contemporary Fiction is My Jam by Kelly, The Well-Read Redhead
~ Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Series I Want to Start
~ Waiting on Wednesday: Starglass
~ Bookish Discoveries Around the Web
~ Take Me Away to...Scotland

Books Read: 1
Short Stories Read: 4
Pages Read: 374
Challenge Progressions:
Around the World in 80 Books - 5/80 (no change)
Colorful Reading Challenge - 1/9 (no change)
Diving Into Poetry Challenge - 3 Poems, 1 Featured Poet, 1 Book (no change)
Four Month Challenge - 9/20 Read for 115 Points (+1)
Historical Fiction Challenge - 2/10 (no change)
Kidlit Read and Review Challenge - 14/30 Read (no change)
Literary Expolorations Challenge - 6/24 (+1)
Men in Uniform Challenge - 1/5 (no change)
Reading Outside the Box - 1 Read (no change)
Resolution Challenge - 0/10
Telling Tales Challenge - 1/5 (no change)
Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Challenge - 5/12 (+1)
YA Reading Challenge - 3/20 (+1)


  1. You've got some classics listed. I remember reading a book of Grimm's fairytales when I was very young and thinking how dark it was. Very old school tales - not like the tales we tell children nowadays, right?

    Happy Reading!

    Rabid Reader

    1. Right! The originals. I have only read 2 so far. One was pretty much exactly how I remembered it- happy ending- and one was one I had never remembered before, but a little sketchy. I am going to keep reading them though and see which ones are the least like the Disney versions!

  2. How are you liking Sexy Feminism? I hope you'll be writing a review of it. Mine is scheduled for Thursday (preview: I found it very simplistic.)

    1. I've never read a book on Feminism before. So far it is a lot of repetition. I obviously haven't gotten very far in it, but if I am in for more of that I am not impressed. I will look for your review for sure!

  3. Sexy Feminism sounds interesting - can't wait to see what you think of it.

    1. So far there is a lot of repetition. I am hoping it gets better!

  4. Grimm's Fairy Tales and Sherlock Holmes are on my to-read list for Classics Club. I'm impressed with all the stats you keep on books you read. Visiting from Google+, glad to have found you! I am participating in the Around the World in 80 Books challenge as well and love reading books set in other countries/cultures. Look forward to seeing your reviews.

    1. I love reading books set in other cultures/countries, too! I have a feature I run every other Saturday called Take Me Away that features books set in a particular country or culture, so check it out if you would like!

      I enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes story I have read but having trouble getting into this one. I am not sure why. I am really liking the Fairy Tales!

    2. And thanks for visiting and commenting! :D

  5. Replies
    1. I am not as much into this one, but I am not sure why not. Maybe I can figure it out as I go along.


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