March 15, 2013

Blogger Shout Outs, Week 9 and 10

A weekly feature in which I give credit to YOU!

Sorry I did not post this last week. It was a crazy week personally, so I am posting everything from last 2 weeks I loved in one post!  Enjoy!


3. Book Covers Featuring Redheads @ Nocturnal Book Reviews (I love redheads!)

5. It's Not Your Mother's Book, But Are You Your Mother? @ Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books

6. Sliding into Home for Austen Admirers @ Austenesque Reviews (NEW APP!)


1. Introducing Bloggers Recommend: A blogger-created monthly 'must read' list @ Devourer of Books 

2. Foreword Literary Agency @ Bookalicious

3. In case you haven't already, check out the New Book Bloggers Discussion Community on Google +

1. Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce, thanks to Literate Housewife

2. Untraceable by S.R. Johannes, thanks to Melissa's Bookshelf

3. I Am Alive by Cameron Jace, thanks to Lust For Stories

4. Schroder by Amity Gaige, thanks to Nicole @ Linus's Blanket

5. The Spanish Queen by Carolly Erickson, thanks to Weekly Wishlist @ Tanzanite's Castle

6. Aura by Rebecca Lynn Talley, thanks to Me and Reading

7. No Ocean Here by Sweta Srivastava Vikram, thanks to Mailbox Monday @ Savvy Verse and Wit

8. Keeping It Real (Quantum Gravity #1) by Justina Robson, thanks to Nocturnal Book Reviews

9. A Cold and Lonely Place by Sara J. Henry, thanks to S. Krishna's Books

10. John Doe by Tess Gerritsen, thanks to Aneca's World

11. The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson, thanks to Jen @ Devourer of Books

Out of the 133 Books Added to my TBR List thanks to Bloggers Since October 2012--

1. Devourer of Books has added 8
2. S. Krishna's Books - 8
3. Luxury Reading - 6
4. Tanzanite's Castle -5
5. I Read Banned Books - 4
6. Savvy Verse and Wit - 4

Check back next week to see the new results!


None this week

Look for a post at end of March (halfway mark) with everyone's totals up to this point!

1. Bookworm1858 - 13
2. Tasha B. - 10
3. Ryan - 5
4. Tif - 5
5. Kaitlyn Hoyt - 4
6. Kathy (Bermudaonion) - 4
7. Belle Wong - 2
8. blacklilackitty - 2
9. Caspette - 2
10. cmriedel - 2
11. Literary Feline - 2
12. Susan (of You Can't Have Too Many Books) - 2
13. Ali - 1
14. Arenel - 1
15. Bryan - 1
16. Ellie - 1
17. Erica - 1
18. Laurie C. - 1
19. Mardel - 1
20. Megan C. Stroup - 1
21. QuirkyBookandFilmBuff - 1
22. rhapsodyinbooks - 1
23. Sheila (Bookjourney) - 1
24. Shemwood Adam - 1
25. Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories - 1
26. Vasilly - 1

to my regular commenters, whether you leave 1 or 10, and to my new commenters, and to every one who leaves one when they can! 

Top Commenters receive special bookish prizes at the end of June! 
(Which I will announce specifics soon.)
Get your commenting on!

1st Place: Tasha B. - 59 total
2nd Place: Bookworm1858 - 39 total
3rd: Kathy (Bermudaonion) - 29 total
4th: 5th: Tif - 20 total
5th: Jenners - 15 total
6th: Kaitlyn Hoyt - 11 total
7th: QuirkyBookandFilmBuff - 8 total


  1. Is it bad that I haven't heard of one of the books added to your TBR pile?

    1. Nope, because I had not either until I saw these reviews!

  2. I went to read Literate Housewife's post on Some Kind of Fairy Tale, thanks to your shout-out and link. Thanks, Becca! I have the book on my shelf, waiting for the Once Upon a Time challenge to start (next week, it should be). I enjoyed Literate Housewife's post as well, and am very intrigued by this fairy tale/real world novel.

  3. Thanks for the linkage, Becca!

  4. Love the links this week-so much Austen goodness! She's my favorite author and I am so happy there's still such love for her.

    1. Yes, I don't know how but Austen keeps being reinvented in great ways!

  5. What a neat round up of book blogs, commenters and books to add to your TBR. Glad to see my name on there as a commenter, one down and many more comments to go! Glad to have found you through the Google plus group and Bloggiesta this weekend!


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