February 12, 2013

Women's Lit Event: Sign-Ups

March is Women's History Month and I thought what better way for me, as a book blogger, to celebrate it than by creating an event all about Women in Literature?  

Whether it is about women authors or stories about strong females, this event aims to prove that women have not only rightfully come into their own, but that they are kicking ass and taking names.  No damsels in distress here.  

So I am looking for guest posts/reviews for next month.  There is a sign-up below if you are willing to participate (no, you don't have to be female to write a guest post!)  So what might you be able to contribute?

  • Book reviews (either new or even that you've written in the past) that cover the women's suffrage movement, the feminist movement, women who speak their minds or just women ahead of their time (examples: Queen Elizabeth I, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Jane Eyre, Nefertiti, Amelia Earhart, Moll Flanders, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, etc.)
  • Guest posts/discussions about women authors who have made a name for themselves and for great female characters (Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, etc.).
  • List your favorite heroines in literature and why you feel they made such an impact on you.
  • Write about how a woman author or a female character inspired you in real life.  Did Elizabeth Bennet inspire you to hold true to your convictions?  Did Hermione Granger make you unashamed to be bookish?  Did the Bronte sisters convince you to give writing a book a go?  
  • Think of another idea that you believe will fit the event?  Let me know!

Rules for participation are way easy:

  • Create a post or add the event button to your sidebar on your own blog that lets everyone know about the event and that links back here to your guest post (or you can include others' posts, too, of course!)  
  • Be sure to leave a comment or two on others' guest posts.
  • Above all, have fun writing your posts and enjoy the event!


  1. Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts. I am looking forward to another great article from you.The Equation

  2. This is fantastic!! Thank you Becca for doing this. When I wrote about my two main characters in my first novel, Nightmares and Dreams, Christy and Heather I immediately fell in love with them. Both being strong but soft, both having compassion but somewhat stubborn in their own ways. They are caring and giving but know when to stand back and when to move forward depending on the situation. I found it very easy to write about them in my book because I have women like them in my life that I greatly admire. When Christy was faced with an extreme situation in her life she had to focus on her strength and love for Heather in order to get out of the turmoil she was forced to face. Tracy is also another lady in this book that has a certain level of strength of her own. She is the shy sensitive type but at a certain point in the story she was forced to act triumphantly in order to survive. She overcame odds that a lot of people wouldn't be able too as well. I loved writing about these three women and I am currently working on the sequel wit hall three of them in it as well. :-)


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