February 4, 2013

What I'm Reading and Weekly Wrap Up - 2/4/13

I've officially abandoned two books, started another, and read a book of Robert Frost poetry, plus two picture books for review.

I also started a new short story collection that I really like and am reading poetry from Langston Hughes all month.

I posted a lot this week so if you think you might have missed something, check the wrap up below.  

Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you're reading this week, too!



Cat or Dog for President by Julia Dweck

The Wolf Who Couldn't Stop Hiccuping by Karen Liew

Short Stories:

Smile, IEDs are Everywhere by Jason Siegel
from Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War

Night Funeral in Harlem by Langston Hughes
A Boy's Will by Robert Frost (Poetry Collection)


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Flutter by Melissa Andrea
(The plot is excellent, but having trouble with writing style.  I am will give it another chance in the future, but need to move on for now.)



In Too Deep by Kathryn Shay
61% done
Last Week: 52%
(Kind of savoring this novella since it reminds me of one of my fave shows, Chicago Fire)

Beloved Enemy: The Passions of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Ellen Jones
24% done
(For Review from Net Galley)

Short Stories:

Tips for a Smooth Transition by Siobhan Fallon
from Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War


Langston Hughes- My Featured Poet for February



Justice (Deck of Lies #1) by Jade Varden
(for review from author)

Gilded CagesL The Trials of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Ellen Jones
(Also for review from Net Galley, and a sequel to Beloved Enemy)

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra
(for review from Net Galley)

Short Stories:

More from Fire and Forget


Langston Hughes

Abandoned: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
A Boy's Will by Robert Frost
January Kidlit Reviews - 3 in 1
Intro to Langston Hughes and Hughes' Poem Night Funeral in Harlem
Smile, There Are IEDs Everywhere by Jason Siegel

Turn of the Century Salon: January Post
What Do You Think #10 - The Ideal Library
Bookish Links and Discoveries
TSS: Enough with the Drama!
Blogger Shout-Outs and Top Commenters
Mini Bloggiesta Weekend - 4/5 Goals Completed!
30 Minus 2 Days of Writing - Prompt 1

Books Read: 3 (including poetry collection)
Pages Read: 308
Challenge Statuses:
Around the World in 80 Books - 4/80 (no change this week)
Colorful Reading Challenge - 0/9
Diving Into Poetry Challenge - 3 Poems, 1 Featured Poet, 1 Book (+3)
Four Month Challenge - 3/20 Read for 30 Points (+1)
Historical Fiction Challenge - 0/10
Kidlit Read & Review Challenge - 5/30 Read (+2)
Literary Expolorations Challenge - 2/24 (+1)
Men in Uniform Challenge - 0/5 
Reading Outside the Box - 0 Read 
Resolution Challenge - 0/10
Telling Tales Challenge - 0/6
Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Challenge - 1/12 (no change)
YA Reading Challenge - 1/20 (no change)


  1. I don't read many short stories, but Fire and Forget looks intriguing. These historical novels by Ellen Jones also piqued my interest.

    1. So far I am deeply in like with Fire and Forget! I will be reviewing the stories for a while. I am also really liking Beloved Enemy.

  2. Cat or Dog For President looks adorable! I'd vote Cat since I have a cat and he's already boss of the house; I'm sure he could take care of the country.

    1. My vote would be cat too! Dogs could pander to the populace but cats get a following. :)

  3. You've done a lot in January! I've been thinking about picking up a volume by Langston Hughes too. Great minds think alike.

    1. Yes, they do! The more I read by him, the more I like him. :)


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