February 3, 2013

TSS: Enough with the Drama. Leave it for TNT.

I honestly do not understand why this keeps happening in our community. 

Why are bloggers taking credit for other blogger's work?  Why are authors sabotaging other's successes because they are envious?

And not only are they doing this, but they create loads of drama when caught.  

I feel like I am an unwitting member in a large kindergarten classroom.  Enough is enough.

We should be excited for each other's successes. We should teach those who want to learn more, and learn from those who have something to teach. This shouldn't be a competition. This shouldn't be a drama-filled community. It's about books for gods sakes!  We do this because we are passionate about reading and passionate about sharing it with others.  Who cares if Blogger A has more followers than Blogger B?  Why steal their work for it?  Who cares if Author X is selling more books than Author Y?  Does that mean we should be rating trolls and ruin their chances of success?  

"Beginning writers must appreciate the prerequisites if they hope to become writers. You pay your dues - which takes years." ~ Alex Haley

Excuse me if I go all teacher on this, but it really makes me angry.  

I have read reviews that are similar to mine, written both before and after my own review.  However, not once has there been a word-for-word plagiarism (and if it happens, I am copyrighted let it be known.)  You can't say you did not steal someone's work when it is almost verbatim what was in the other's review.  You can't just whip out a Thesaurus and say the work is different.  That is still plagiarism   Look it up.   Yes, there will be times when reviews seem very similar.  There are too many of us out there for all of us to never write very similar reviews.  However, you have to THINK for yourself, CREATE your own writing, and THEN can you publish it.  If you can't come up with something, then wait until you can.  Ask for help.  But don't just steal someone else's words that they worked so hard to put together.  Do your own hard work.  Cheating is for losers, people.   I won't tolerate it.  And others won't tolerate it, either.

I am SO SICK to death of people acting selfish, jealous, and manipulative.  It seems these people who keep creating these issues are actually trolls and are getting off on the drama they create so this is the last I will post about it.  Just get it together, grow up, and be your own person.  No one wants to read regurgitated material of someone else on your blog.  No one wants to deal with your anonymous 1 star ratings of a 5 star book because you are a jealous prick. "Oh, it costs too much"  (said in a super whiny voice) 1 star.  "Oh, I bought this book thinking it was something entirely different because I didn't read the blurb." 1 star.  Ratings are for the story, not other stuff and certainly not your own incompetence.  If authors are trolling other authors to move up the bestselling list, what do you think is going to happen when the truth gwts out?  Any loyal readers you had will soon distrust you and your ratings will fall.  Not only that, your next book will not even exist to these people.  You won't gain anything by doing these things.  So, what is the point?  

The truth always comes out eventually.  So be good to each other.  Celebrate each other's victories and lift up each other when hard work goes unappreciated.  THESE are the hallmarks of a community full of successful, genuine, and happy people.

See?  Much better this way.  


  1. I am so unaware of whatever is happening, but whatever it is I agree that taking someone else's work and calling it your own is wrong. Sorry this is happening to you.
    I love your little video inserts!

    1. It's happening all over the blogosphere. It's ridiculous. It seems every other month I am reading about someone whose writing has been lifted from their blog. It makes me sad. :(

  2. I am certainly out of the loop, I guess, which probably means that I'm so not "in" with the cream of the blogging world...lol

    Or perhaps they're not the "cream," if they're doing these things you mentioned. Definitely not okay!

    I'm just here to have fun, find out about books, and connect.


    1. It's been happening off and on for years. Then this past month I have read about six different instances. It's time for it to stop! We should all be working together and having fun, like you said, not trying to hurt one another.

  3. Honestly, after the TSS incident last year, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to do it again. It hurt Kristi Diehm's reputation as a blogger, lost her a bunch of followers and fans, yet all these people aren't thinking of the consequences of theft.

    Perhaps it's like what Parajunkee said in her Plagiarism. How should we react? post. They're looking at their mentor, who's still very popular after the big scandal a year ago and think they'll get away with it like she did.

    This has got to stop, now! If these problems happen all over the place, how will it reflect upon us all as a community? I thought that being a book blogger is sharing your genuine, honest thoughts about something you're passionate about, books, not gaining numbers. Your review may not be as well worded as a blogger with seniority, but at least it is yours, through and through. Your thoughts are worth sharing.


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