February 21, 2013

Review #9: Justice (Deck of Lies #1) by Jade Varden

This series is aptly named.  Here's why.

Everything in Rain Ramey's life is going smoothly until a girl at her new school, Carsyn, plays a trick on her and ends up getting her arrested for shoplifting. The charges are dropped, but the results from her fingerprints are the main focus.  That's because Rain Ramey is not Rain Ramey.  She is Chloe von Shelton. 

Kidnapped as a baby, Rain grew up with her kidnappers and a brother thinking they were her real family.  Suddenly, Rain cannot go home again and is thrust into the arms of her new family- including Asher, her father who is always at work but is also the only one who will call her Rain; Violet, her mother, who is a high society lady of the house who is overjoyed for Rain to be back, but is staunchly reserved in showing affection; and a sister she never knew she had, who just happens to be Carsyn.  Yikes!

Rain now lives in a mansion with her new family and has a lot to adjust to- adjustments that she would much rather not have to deal with.  She doesn't buy that her parents were simply reprehensible criminals but she can't get near enough to them now to ask any questions thanks to lawyers and her parents won't discuss it.  This just fuels Rain's curiosity even more, of course. 

These issues aren't the only issues she has to deal with.  She meets a boy named River who works in the library who helps her find info on the kidnapping.  He doesn't know it is her story, though.  Plus, she is at a new school for only a week before her whole life (and her name) changes so she is going through an identity crisis and has to deal with her new school and dealing with Carsyn there and at home.  At least she recently started dating a college guy named Tom, who makes her forget her troubles for a little while and there is Fallon at school who has taken a liking to Rain, but whose best friend, Laurel, hates Rain with a passion. And then there is Owen, her bio partner who she feels comfortable with as well, only it turns out being friends with Owen creates even more problems.  

Rain takes the changes and drama in her life in stride, as much as one can do with these circumstances, and I really like that she isn't the type of girl to just fall apart and not get out of bed in the morning.  I like her take charge attitude and I like how freaking normal and sweet she is.  I instantly liked her.  Rain knows her new family is hiding something, she just doesn't know what yet.  Pretty soon everything in her world begins to topple down like, well, a deck of cards.  In other words, shit hits the proverbial fan.  And the unraveling is perfectly paced and skillfully executed.

I can't believe how her name is Rain and there is a boy named River.  That can't just be a coincidence or a 'I just liked both names' thing.  There has to be a connection, but if there is one it was not revealed in this book.  But, luckily, this is the first in the series and I will get to see what comes in the next book!  I am lucky to be able to read and review it as well!  Woot!

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  1. It sounds like there are a lot of characters and potential love interests in this series. Very intriguing summary and great review!

  2. That does sound like a potential for drama!


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