February 10, 2013

Review #6: In Too Deep by Kathryn Shay

I love firefighters.  

How can I not?  Brave, muscular, daring, passionate, and let's not forget sexy.  

So when I saw Kathryn Shay's first novella in the America's Bravest series for free on e-book on Amazon (hint, hint: it still is!), I snatched it up without thinking twice.  This story centers on the firefighters at the Hidden Cove Fire Department, most specifically Captain Gabe Molvaso and Rachel Wellington, a firefighter who works for Gabe.  

As in any romance book, it is obvious from the beginning Gabe and Rachel are way into each other even though they shouldn't be.  Women firefighters are given enough hell without having the added stigma of dating within your department (especially your boss).  In fact, the women firefighters in the department start a blog to help combat some of the very negative attention that they, and all of the firefighters in general, are receiving thanks to a nosy, ignorant reporter who is more concerned with taking cheap shots at firefighters than recognizing their value.  

So Gabe and Rachel get trapped in a collapsed building during a call at the beginning of the book and they think they are going to die.  So they act on their feelings in a delicious way.  But when they are rescued Gabe tells her there is no way they can tell anyone about what happened and that nothing further will or can happen between them.  Of course, lots of hurt feelings and silent smoldering ensues as the story goes back and forth between Gabe and Rachel narrating.  

I liked the added side stories of the reporter beating down the department and the firefighters going on a smart defensive/offensive strategy by educating the public via a blog about why they need down time and that it doesn't mean they are not performing their jobs correctly.  I think that while I didn't realize anyone would think the way this reporter does, it is probably a big issue in their world.  I liked that the book did not only revolve around the lives of Rachel and Gabe, but took on a bigger issue as well.

I would definitely be interested in reading more from Kathryn Shay. 



  1. Firefighters are pretty hot. Not to mention all the opportunities for fire double-entendres. ;)

  2. When I think of firefighters, I'll admit that they tend to be male (and hunky). I never think of women fighting fires although there's no reason for that. Glad to read this romance features just such a lady.

    1. That's probably because when we think of firefighters we think of hunky firefighters WITH us. ;)


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