February 7, 2013

Book Tour: Review of Blood Fugue and Witch's Nocture by E.J. Wesley (Reviews #4 and 5)

Don't be put off by the cover art- there is a good story inside.

Blood Fugue and it's sequel, Witch's Nocturne, are the first two novellas in the Moonsongs Series.  The books center around twenty-something Jenny Moonsong-Schmidt who is a descendant of a long line of Apache Hunters on her mother's side.  

She doesn't have any family.  That is until the grandfather she thought was dead contacts her out of the blue to help with a big problem he is having- a huge animal is loose on his property and he needs Jenny's help in bringing it down.  Except this is no ordinary animal, of course, because it is a paranormal book.  The second book goes on from there and involves a coven of witches and their efforts to create a mass suicide in retaliation for Jenny's grandfather killing one of the coven's witches a long time ago- something Jenny had nothing to do with or even knowledge about.

Jenny and her friend Marshal are the quintessential duo- Jenny is the tough, take-no- prisoners, purple-mohawk-sporting, ROPG playing, computer repairing, gun nut with little emotional availability (thanks to everyone in her family being dead but her).  Adversely, Marshal is the optimistic, homosexual, let's-go-jogging-in-short shorts, completely emotionally sound, keeps-her-in-line best friend.   They work well together, with jabs back and forth and protecting each other from all the paranormal activity.

I liked the story line a lot, too.  I like that it is Paranormal/Urban Fantasy but with a throwback to Native American culture, too.   That, plus the dynamic of Jenny and Marshall, give these books a distinctive quality.  

Now, since I loved these things, why only three stars?  There was a little too much telling instead of showing in Book 2, as well as repetitiveness a couple of times.  For example, the moon is described as "crimson-tinted" and then as the description moves forward "like a crimson-tinted eye" is used.  

It would have been nice, also, to have more breaks in the prose somewhere- a new chapter, a line of asterisks, something.  If the Kindle hit it just right, you could tell a few extra lines were in between but ultimately it just seemed like a run-on sentence, if you will.  It was just paragraphs jumping from one thing to the next without any indication for the reader that there was now a new setting or time had jumped forward.

One thing to note is that these books are part of the "New Adult" genre because Jenny is college-age.  There are a couple of instances of language, but I don't see the violence being any worse than any other paranormal YA book I've read.

Overall, I enjoyed reading these two books and look to see where the author takes Jenny Moonsong in the future.  

I received these e-books from Candice @ Candice's Book Blog and CBB Promotions.


  1. I agree about the content not really being too bad other than a tad bit of language (which we see in YA all the time). I'm glad you mostly enjoyed the books anyway.
    Thanks for hosting a tour stop!

    1. I look forward to seeing more of Wesley's work in the future!

  2. Replies
    1. I want to say yes. I cannot find any publishing info on them.

  3. Great in-depth review on The Moonsongs series.


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