February 11, 2013

30 Minus 2 Days of Writing - Prompt 10

I am participating in 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing with a prompt for each day.  Please read and comment and let me know what you enjoyed or disliked.  Thanks!

The mayor was always in a disconcerting mood after his council meetings.  Eleanor watched him from the cracked doorway as he loosened his tie and sighed as he fell into the chair behind the desk.  She couldn't keep her eyes from roaming over his body, imagining what the young mayor looked like under his white button down shirt and perfectly pressed grey pants.  

She walked confidently into the room and lay the reports she had typed on his desk in front of him.  "Here are the spending reports from the 2nd quarter, Mr. Mayor."  Eleanor twirled on her heel and went directly to Carredy's bar to pour him his favorite- a straight scotch.   

"Eleanor, these meetings are getting more and more exhausting," he vented to his executive assistant.  

Eleanor gave him the scotch, letting her fingers linger on his a little longer than she needed to.  He glanced up at her.  He noticed she had unbuttoned the top button on her teal blouse and he could see the outline of her collarbone- a collarbone he suddenly wanted to kiss.

"We have to get Thompson on board, sir.  He is going to be the deciding factor on whether this council works with you or against you," she replied, looking at him steadily and assuredly.

Suddenly she couldn't help herself and inched closer to Carredy.  Her heeled foot sliding neatly next to his foot as he took a sip of scotch.  She watched his eyes roam over her body from her neck down to her taut breasts, sliding down over her hips and to her shapely legs.  

Carredy sat up straighter which positioned him closer to Eleanor as he spoke, "Thompson will be a hard sell," he began.  He didn't much care right now about Thompson or any of the problems he was having as mayor so far.  He was too busy concentrating on his ever increasing desire to pull Eleanor closer.  "I will need your help."  He was nearly mumbling now as Eleanor stepped close enough to him to be straddling his knee.  

"I work for you, Mayor.  The long nights come with the territory."  And with that Eleanor sat down, straddling his leg, her tight skirt bunching a little as she did so.  Carredy couldn't even pretend he cared about the council anymore.  He took Eleanor's face in his hands and kissed her soft, glossy lips, parting them expertly with his tongue.  Eleanor reciprocated and moved her hands over his chest and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him in closer.  

They knew it would be the first of many long nights at the office.


  1. Wow. I need to go find my husband now! You've captured this moment very intimately.

  2. Have you considered working as a romance writer?

    1. Haha no, I haven't. Maybe this is a good genre for me?

  3. Ooohh la la!!! Sounds like the opening to a soft core porn movie!! JUST KIDDING!! I makes me wonder if anyone is married in this litte scenario!

  4. Ha!! I had very similar thoughts as Jenners! But, I will just stick with GRRROWL!!! :)


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