January 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Bookish Goals for 2013

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Wow.  My goals for 2013.  Well, I can't say I haven't given it thought.

1. Read MORE.  Just more.  I read 51 books in 2012.  Not bad, but in 2009 I read 100.  This year I am going to go for a nice middle-class 75.

2. 50 Page Rule.  I have wasted far too much time on trying to get into books that just weren't doing it for me.  I spend weeks dreading picking up the book and finding other things to do instead.  No more of that rubbish.  This year if the book has not hooked me by page 50, I'm declaring it a DNF.

3. Reach for more classics and poetry.  I have the Dive into Poetry Challenge to help with the latter.  For classics, I have a few on my Resolutions list that I want to check off this year.

4. Projects.  I want to create and invest more into bookish projects such as theme months,  in memoriam reads, and more.  I also want to continue with the projects and memes I have created including Take Me Away.  I think it will be fun.  

5. Not forget paper books.  I got a new Kindle for Christmas--my first e-reader.  I love it.  I love reading e-books now.  So much better than on my computer.  However, I don't want to neglect my wonderful paperbacks and hardbacks either.  They are lovely and I like to hold them.  So I have to strike a balance. 

6. Discussions.  Reading books is gratifying all on its own.  But one thing I love about the book bloggers community are the discussions.  I want to open up more discussions and opinions here on my blog and also invite you to do the same.

7. Book Bloggers Community.  Speaking of discussions amongst book bloggers, I created a new Google + community for just that, that is exclusive in its membership - only people with a book blog can participate.  Check it out and feel free to join.  If I don't know you, please make sure it is obvious you have a book blog on your Google + profile or I won't add you.

8. Blog more consistently.  I sort of dropped off the face of the blogging earth in 2011 and just now resurfaced.  I had a bad case of burn out.  It started when I went back to college in 2010 but got really bad in 2011.  I think my post count is something like 39.  I just wasn't feeling it anymore.  I still read but I just didn't want to blog and I keep that way for a while.  Then comes along fall 2012 and all of the sudden I am excited about blogging again.  I hope this re-kindled romance does not fizzle out anytime soon because I am so thoroughly enjoying being back.  

9. Romance.  I mentioned this in an earlier post last week that romance novels are a brand new genre for me.  I read two in December that were Christmas-related and found to my surprise I didn't hate them!  This is a change from a few years ago.  So I am going to read a few this year and see if it was just a Christmas fling or if Romance and I will have a longer affair. 

10. Challenges.  I have signed up for several challenges.  I got a little greedier, but tried not to overdo it this year.  I finished all four I signed up for last year, which was great.  This year I am branching out a little more with poetry and kidlit and romance.  You can see the challenges I signed up for in my sidebar.


  1. My goals would be similar but I'd have to say "remember e-books." I generally forget about them once they're downloaded.

  2. I like your goals! They seem to be mostly about adding more reading to your schedule, and I'm in support of that. My own list is mostly about cutting down... but I too want to get into a couple of new genres.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm going to adopt your 50 page rule. I waste too much time on books I'm not really enjoying. And the key to longevity in blogging is to pace yourself, do what is fun and don't let it become a burden.

  4. Yes, that is partly how I became burnt out in 2011. It was just too much to read review copies I wasn't into and feel obligated to keep reading. Now if I choose a book for review, it is going to have to be one I know I will probably love, not just ones I feel could use exposure. I had too much of a soft spot before.

  5. Yea, that is interesting, Cecelia! I cut way back a couple of years ago to the point I stopped blogging because I was burnt out and also bored with what I was doing. So I want to create a blog that I like to visit as well as everyone else. :)

  6. I just got my first e-reader for Christmas so I haven't had that problem yet. I am glued to the thing. lol

  7. I resolved to write 1 blog post every day this year. That's spread out between 3 blogs, of course.

  8. So 1 post per day, or 1 post per blog per day. I am thinking you meant the former but just clarifying.

  9. Good luck this year! I can't wait to see how it all goes for you!


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