January 31, 2013

KIDLIT: My January Reviews

 My Kidlit Challenge reading has started off with a bang!  I found some great books to share with you all.  
I Hate Picture Books Written & Illustrated by Timothy Young

4 Stars

This is such a cute little book.  Picture books keep getting the little boy into trouble.  His mom yelled when he tried to color everywhere with his purple crayon like Harold, and when he wished for a boat to take him to a jungle island with Wild Things, that totally did not happen.  So he HATES picture books.  Or does he?  What could change his mind?  Oh, his favorite one.  He can't throw out his favorite one.  Or this one.  Or that one. Oh wait, nevermind, leave him alone. He is reading. :)  
Parents Note: It does have a page in which he says "stupid" in reference to his room and his picture books being all that is there after he wishes for the Where the Wild Things scene to happen.

How the Oysters Saved the Bay by Jeff Dombek
4 Stars

I really liked this tale of two oysters, Chester and Meredith, who formulate a plan to de-pollute the Chesapeake Bay and save the dying grasses.  There plan is to have all the oysters in the bay breathe in all the dirty water that is harmful to the plants but food for the oysters, and breathe out clean water through their gills.  The crabby crab doesn't think it will work, but it does and soon all of the Bay life is happier and healthier thanks to just two oysters believing in a plan to save their environment.  A take away lesson?  Absolutely.  

Bonus: Facts about oysters included in the front of the book and facts about the necessity of the underwater grasses in the back of the book.

Little Dinos Don't Bite by Michael Dahl
3 Stars

This book for very young children is a lesson for those whose chompers find everything from toys to people.  Little Dino's mother shares a lesson in what teeth are for instead.  The illustrations are cute and the story simple enough for very young children to understand and enjoy.

More Kidlit to come next month!  And I promise to have the new Links up for linking up posts for the challenge next week.


  1. That first one looks adorable! I so need to find that book! :)

    1. I got it from Net Galley! It might still be on there.


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