December 12, 2012

Bookish Discoveries

1. Ernest Hemingway's cats are now under federal protection (yes, even the six-toed cats) after a visitor to Hemingway's house in Key West filed a complaint with the federal government. -NPR

2. This infographic by explores the "Digital Publishing Explosion" -GalleyCat

3. The Guardian's post about author Wilbur Smith's multi-million dollar deal with HarperCollins to just write story outlines and not the actual books is kind of funny in execution.  What do you think of Smith's decision, though?  Sounds a little James Patterson-y to me. -The Guardian

4. Amazon may price-beat on bestsellers, but not every book is lower in cost. -The Bookseller
"According to the Simon-Kucher study, Amazon offered the lowest available price on the top 20 titles in its print bestseller chart across fiction and non-fiction. However books ranked 21-100 were priced 14% above the lowest price alternative compared with seven other online booksellers."

5. Cuban publishers are getting into E-books, making way for the isolated industry to enter the U.S. mainstream market. - Publishing Perspectives

6. Cosmo and Harlequin have worked a deal to produce a series of steamy erotic e-novels. - NY Times


  1. That's an interesting piece about Hemingway's cats. It's fascinating that his presence--through Snowball's descendants--lives on in such a way. Thanks for sharing it!


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