December 27, 2012

Bookish Discoveries, Blogger Shout-Outs, top Ten Commenters, and Other Coolness

Lots going on in this post so be sure to catch all of it! :)

1. What happened to the E-book price war? -NYTimes

2. Genres Exist for a Reason- Digital Book Today

3. Kick-Ass Librarian Tattoos.  You know you love them.  -Mental Floss

4. The TOP 10 MOST READ BOOKS IN THE WORLD.  I can't be the only one who saw this infographic and immediately felt sick to my stomach for some of the books on the list.  -Galley Cat

5. Reading Books, like later Harry Potters, too soon can make the books less enjoyable and the appreciation of said books can be lost.  -NY Times

6. One reader's ideas for HOW LIBRARIES CAN STAY MODERN in an ever-changing world and become even more awesome.  - GOOD

7. The EMERGING HISTORY OF READING shows us something different than the history of books does.  -The Chronicle Review

In Other News...

1. I am participating in Ann Curry's #26Acts for Sandy Hook.  Who else is in?

2.  Why Walmart Took Over Our Facebooks on Black Friday -

3.  The worst films of 2012-

Blog Posts Not to Miss
1. Author Shannon Winslow's Christmas Card to Everyone

2. Speed Reading at Unputdownables  I am still working on speed reading.  I am very slow.  Took me 90 minutes to read History in an Hour.

3. Parajunkee CALLS EVERYONE OUT on how un-original everyone has become.  I'm just as guilty.  So thanks for the constructive criticism!  I am off now to write better posts.

4. Tasha B. writes an Ode to DNFs.  Love it!

5. If you missed Jenner's parody, You're a Sly One, Fizzy Jill, then you are missing hilariousness.  

Added to my TBR

1. Lifting the Chaderi by Anisa Mahmoud Ulrich, thanks to Vera @ Luxury Reading

2. "Christmas Makes Me Think" by Tony Medina,  thanks to Rhapsody in Books

3. Murder Most Austen by Tracy Kiely, thanks to S. Krishna's Books

4. Afterlives of the Saints by Colin Dickey, thanks to Jen @ Devourer of Books

5. The People Are Not Afraid by Shani Boianjiu, thanks also to Jen @ Devourer of Books

6. The first review to make me want to read The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, was Jenners' review at Life...With Books

Top Commenters for December
(Not counting comments on giveaway posts.)
1. Heidenkind  - 6 
2. BermudaOnion (Kathy) - 6 
3. Caspette - 4
4. C.E. Hart - 2
5. Kaitlyn H. - 2
6. Quirky BookandFilmBuff - 2
7. Nicole B. - 2
8. Holly (2 Kids and Tired) - 2
9. Sarah Handrich - 2

Thank you to all of my commenters- you rock!


  1. Gotta say that those top (bottom?) 10. movies don't much surprise me.

  2. Can't say as I am either surprised or appalled by the top ten books, given their criteria. Question really is where are we headed?

  3. Good question. I would like to see a top 10 from people who read all of the time.

  4. Oh I must check out the tattoos. I kind of sort of want to get one but I want a good one and this might give me some ideas that would speak to me.


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