November 28, 2012

What Do You the Best HOLIDAY Read?

Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Extravaganza!  Today's post and the What Do You Think post are one in the same:

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This week:

What do you think is the best holiday read this time of year?  Is there one you go back to every year?  

What I Think:
My favorite Christmas read as a child was Richard Scarry's Best Christmas Ever (I was a HUGE Richard Scarry fan as a child.)  As a young adult, I leaned toward A Christmas Carol.  As an adult, while I am still fond of these two books, I have myself leaning toward less traditional holiday reads.  This year, however, I am getting back into the holiday spirit!  Currently I am reading The Legend of the Holly Claus by Brittney Ryan.

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  1. As a kid it was always Ann M. Martin's "10 Kids, No Pets." For some reason I always felt the need to read it this time of year. May re-start that tradition.

  2. My favorite (and I can't wait to get it out with the Christmas stuff) is Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight? by written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by David Biedrzycki. The illustrations are to die for … and the idea (Santa trying different animals to pull his sleigh, which is fraught with problems until he settles on reindeer) is hilarious,

  3. Holly (2 Kids and Tired)November 30, 2012 at 10:00 AM

    One of my most favorite Christmas books is "A Stranger for Christmas" by Carol Lynn Pearson. I read it every year. And, every year, I find a new favorite, sometimes several. I've collected Christmas books for years because we read Christmas stories as a family on Christmas Eve.

    2 Kids and Tired Books

  4. I love Fannie Flagg's, A Redbird Christmas or The Christmas Shoes; Donna Van Liere but don't read them every year, as I try to read new books as much as possible.

  5. It is hard to choose between old faves and new books!

  6. That's a wonderful tradition to have with your family, Holly. I will have to check out "A Stranger for Christmas."

  7. I love it! You always know the funniest books. I want to read that NOW. lol

  8. I used to love Ann M. Martin's Babysitter Club series. I didn't know about this one!


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