November 25, 2012

TSS: What a Bookaholic is Thankful For

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I hope all of my American friends and readers had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  My own was full and hectic and I will be glad to just rest!  In keeping with the holiday weekend, here are 25 things bookaholics are thankful for!!

1. Other bookaholics.  A true bookaholic looooves to share his/her completely insane obsession of books with others who need to be in a 12-step program, too.  Thankfully, no 12-step-programs exist.  

2.  Bookshelves.  Especially large ones and clever ones and cute ones and wide ones and...

A leaning tower of books.

3. A protagonist that is easy to root for.

4. A protagonist that grows on you.

5. Villains.  What kind of boring-ass story would it be if there was no one to root against?

6. Historical fiction writers who really do their research and then bring characters and places and experiences back from the dead in the most animated, fascinating ways.  

7. Mystery books where you don't figure out who the killer is by chapter three.  

8.  Libraries.  God love libraries.  Libraries everywhere should be shown as much care as a historic landmark.  Respect the libraries.

Trinity College Library, University of Dublin

9. Also, respect the bookstores.  If you can get lost in a bookstore (metaphorically, not literally, although I want to find the bookstore I can literally get lost in) than you, my friend, are a bookaholic.

10. Nonfiction books that are so engrossing they read like fiction books.  

11. Books that challenge you and make you question yourself. Are you being ambitious enough?  Have you tried hard enough to forgive your mother for some slight?  Should you  get to know your neighbors in the next apartment?  

12.  In the same vein as number 11, books that make you think.  Books that make you re-evaluate your positions on topics as serious as the death penalty to as light as whether to try ballroom dancing lessons.

13. Bookmarks.  You know you have a favorite kind, if not a favorite one.  My personal favorite are magnetic slip-over-the-page bookmarks.  

14. Organizational websites like Goodreads, Library Thing, FictFact, and Shelfari because we would be lost without a system of collecting what we own (because there are soo many) and what we want to read next.

15.  Our favorite books.   We cradle them.  We give them dust jackets.  We buy them in hardcover, paperback, and audio versions.  We want to buy them again when they change the cover.  We read and re-read them until we've memorized the lines and the characters feel like friends and the books are well-worn. And no, we can't narrow it down to just one, so don't ask such silly nonsensical questions.  

16.  Contemporary fiction writers who give us a story that takes us out of our own realities and lets us glimpse inside the lives of what could very well be our neighbors' realities.  This includes those that could be happening anywhere in the world.  You get us in touch with people different from us and that is most definitely lovely.

17. Translators.  Without you, we would miss out on so very many wonderful books.  

18. Bookish Items- t-shirts, jewelry, coffee mugs, pins, pillows, artwork, notebooks, etc. etc.  

19. That there are always more books than we can read.  Well, this makes us sad and happy in equal measure.  Bookaholics wish they had a chance to read every single book they could ever want to, but we are also glad that there is never a shortage.  That is what I like to call Armageddon.

20. Books that give us a glimpse into worlds we have never set foot in- whether it is Middle Earth, a distant planet, or a future we can only imagine- these books take us on journeys of epic proportions. 

21. Sharing our love of reading with others.  How can we not tell everyone how FREAKING FANTASTICALLY AMAZINGLY AWESOMESAUCE READING IS!!!!   

22. Authors.  Without you, we would be shells looking for a home.

23. The feeling of being completely absorbed in a book.  

24. Perfect reading spots- whether it is a blanket at the park, a little reading nook by a big window, a big comfy chair by the fire, curled up in bed, on the metro on the way home from work, or any place- the place(s) where you love to just sit and read the most.


25. The fact that true bookaholics will read this whole list, will understand, will be nodding their heads, and will, best of all, totally add their own thankful-fors in the comments. :)


  1. Thankful for book bloggers who also share our love of reading. :)

  2. bermudaonion(Kathy)November 25, 2012 at 9:41 AM

    Great post - I was nodding my head the whole way through!

  3. Love your list!! I have actually been lost in a bookstore (Powell's in Portland, OR!) and I cannot wait to get lost again someday!! :)

  4. Great list! I LOL through a lot of it, and agreed with every single item on your list! Also thankful for the person who turned us onto reading in the first place--for me, it was my mom when I was 8 and a horrible reader, and boy did she turn that around fast!

  5. That's a good one! How could I forget that??

  6. I've never been in a Powell's. I hear I am sorely missing out. There aren't any here. Bummer.

  7. Holly (2 Kids and Tired)November 25, 2012 at 5:02 PM

    Great list of things to be thankful for. I don't think there were any that I didn't agree with!

  8. This was an awesome list … but now I am insanely coveting that little reading nook!!!

  9. Lovely list! I was nodding to all of them!!! I especially like your view of bookaholics knowing they can't read everything ever written and wanting to, and being so happy that there are so many more books to be read than we can get to. Have a wonderful relaxing day reading!!!

  10. sorry there was no place to put what blog I'm from - You Can Never Have Too Many Books

  11. I think you pretty much covered them. :)

    If you want a bookstore you can literally get lost in, go to Powell's in Portland, OR.

  12. Yep....we all can agree and be glad to be among other bookaholics. Gotta go now.....theres a book waiting to be read by me;)

  13. Yep....we all can agree and be glad to be among other bookaholics. Gotta go now.....theres a book waiting to be read by me;)

  14. Yep....we all can agree and be glad to be among other bookaholics. Gotta go now.....theres a book waiting to be read by me;)

  15. I agree with everything...

  16. Great list - I agree with all of them :)

  17. Love your list! I especially enjoyed the parts about how books transport us to worlds other than our own. Even books based on reality can do just that by showing us characters we can connect to.



  18. :D Good list! There's plenty to be thankful for, isn't there?

    Sunday Salon

  19. Exactly. That is why I love books so much!

  20. I have got to get myself there one of these days!

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