November 5, 2012

Thankfully Reading Weekend

Got big plans for Thanksgiving? 

If not (like me), or even if you do, make some time for the Thankfully Reading Weekend hosted by Jenn's Bookshelves and Literate Housewife.  Since I took time off from blogging, I didn't realize they had previously hosted this, but I think it is a fantastic idea.  

Besides, I have some catching up to do on my reading and some challenges to fix before the Christmas craziness hits!


  1. Thanks for posting about this -- I missed the announcement. I'm not sure if I will get to read a lot over Thanksgiving, since I will be visiting friends, but maybe we can spend part of an afternoon reading at a coffee shop or something.

  2. That's a great idea to share the love of reading with those you are spending Thanksgiving with! :)

  3. I am really looking forward to this!! Can't wait to get started!

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