October 13, 2012

Bookish Discoveries Saturday

Bookish Discoveries

1. Reason #14 I love Jon Stewart- he told his viewers to read a f**king book.  

2. Bloggers know what they are doing- book recommendations are what people want.

3. Amazon Kindle's Lending Library begins the trip international.

4. Comixology announces a new invitation-only, self-publishing program especially for comics.

5. The Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 is going on now and there are already some buzzwords worth noting.  The best news traveling around so far is this: "bookstores are still the best showroom for publishers, and once they are gone, we won’t get them back."  Amen, Frankfurt.  Amen.

6. As you probably already know (ad nauseum), I am a big fan of all things to do with India, so when I saw 2012 Booker Prize Nominee Jeet Thayil on Book Talk discussing his book about the seedy underbelly of Mumbai, I knew I would read it and I knew I would share.

7. In case you missed it, the AAP and Google have finally stopped the litigation over digital books, offering authors an opt out.

8.  Dude (aka a scientist) has broken down the quantum physics of Harry Potter.  Whoa.

My Favorite Posts of the Week

1. Tag Chicken with Jenners of Life...with Books and Trisha of eclectic/eccentric is one of the highlights of checking my Google Reader.  If you have not been privy, you are missing out, yo!  Here is the latest installment a la Jenners.

2. Review: Telling Lies for Fun and Profit by Lawrence Block @ Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books

3. Ryan @ Wordsmithsonia's post of 20 Questions Every Movie Lover Should Be Able to Answer, Part 2 was awesome to me.  Also check out part 1 while you are there.

4. Why I Love Setting as Character by Kim Fay, The Map of Lost Memories @ Historical Tapestry

5. Children's Book Review: Hello! Hello!  by Matthew Cordell @ books4yourkids.com

6. Kristen's review of Lost Antarctica by James McClintock explains why McClintock's book makes understanding global warming easier @ BookNAround

7. All about Retellings and Reimaginings at The Starry-Eyed Revue's Sunday Symposium


  1. Thanks for the bookish links! I'm off to read about Harry Potter and quantum physics now.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. Ditto what Heidenkind said! : )


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