August 19, 2012

End of Summer Pick-Your-Thon Wrap Up Post

Well, I got ZERO reviews posted but I did get some reading done- woohoo!

So what did I read?  A lot considering I am a slow reader and considering I started this on Wednesday afternoon!

I read 50 pages in James Patterson's Cat & Mouse (Alex Cross #4).

I read 75 pages in DeAnna Cameron's The Belly Dancer.

I read all of Choose Your Own Adventure: Grave Robbers by R.A. Montgomery because I saw it at the library and had to reminisce from back in the day!

What did you read during the Pick-Your-Thon?  Have you headed over to take part in the scavenger hunt?


  1. That is awesome I read several books! I loved this readathon

  2. So fun that they redid the Choose Your Own Adventure stories! Loved those growing up. I didn't get as much done as I should have either. Probably 3 reviews written and 2 review books read and about 6 manga. :)

  3. Manga and Graphic Novels are so fun for readathons! I did not have any handy, though. The CYOA was a lot of fun to read!

  4. Awesome! I thought it was fun, too.


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