May 16, 2012

Pinterest Post #2: 5 People to Follow and 5 Bad-Ass Bookish Pins

Pinterest: (noun):  Highly addictive online interactive bulletin board format that allows you to bookmark photos and links that make you a better person, that make you giggle, that inspire you, that forces you to think and consider, that makes you want to eat (let's be real here).

If you have not jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, you probably have significantly more free time than those of us who have.  One aspect I like about Pinterest is that I find so many useful ideas, from art projects to blogging ideas to books to read to new yummy delicious food to try (did I mention that?).

I was considering how to make Pinterest more interactive with my blog and how to give credit to those pinners and pins that inspire me.   Therefore I am going to give said pinners and pins that do so each week a great big shout out on the blog.  Yep, shit just got real.


1.  Love My Books pinned this lovely picture, which I discovered this week via Carol Shepko.

2. The definitive Mad Men reading list - check it out!  via Angel Holmes

3. Thirty Pieces of Wisdom from Stephen King Novels via Sarah Thompson

4. Le sigh....via BEA

5. WANT!!!  via sourcebooks.


1. WE HEART BOOKS: Pinboards include "Beautiful Books", "Literary Cake", and "Bookie Pretties."

2. STEPHANIE @ READ IN A SINGLE SITTING: Pinboards include "Cupcake Books", "This Belongs in a Book", and "Bookish Accessories."

3. BOOK CHICK CITY: Pinboards include "Books I'm Dying to Read", "Bookends and Bookmarks", and "Book Chick City Reviews."

4. USA TODAY BOOKS: Pinboards include "Dream Reading Spaces", "Bookspiration", and "Fashion for the Inner Book Nerd."

5. AERIN BENDER-STONE: Pinboards include "Platform 9 3/4", "(More Than) Words", and "Fangrrl."

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  1. I love that EAPic t-shirt!

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  3. Thank you for sharing!  I love the Mad Men reading list!


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