April 14, 2012

Hunger Games Trilogy/Movie: Not Your Typical Review

If you haven't seen about 5 dozen reviews of this trilogy then you have been spending less time keeping up with your Reader than I have. :)  So, I am not going to give you another review, but I will show you some of the reasons I recommend them and why I am a fan, not a hater.  (SPOILER ALERTS)

Unlike some YA characters (Belle from Twilight springs to mind) Katniss is self-sufficient, strong, and intelligent.  She does not rely on a guy to make her world; she considers whether any particular guy would fit into her own world.  She shows young women that you do not have to be perfect to make a difference in the world, but that not creating a better world is not even an option.

RUE:  'Nuff said.

FINNICK AND JOANNE: A twist I did not see coming.  And his love for his fiancee was the stuff of fairy tales.

PRESIDENT SNOW'S OUTCOME: I thought it was weakly executed.  It was highly anti-climatic.  Let-down city.

PRIM: I was very upset but it almost did not seem real to me.  I am not sure why.

THE BOY WITH THE BREAD: This was soooo not executed well in the movie.  It was not clear that she was starving.  It just looked like she was there so he gave her some bread.

WOODY HARRLESON AS HAYMITCH: When I saw this casting I loved it instantly.  I think if there had been more time to portray Haymitch on screen he would have done an even better job.  Also, there was not enough Haymitch in Mockingjay to suit me.

PEETA LOSING HIS MIND: I really did not know for a while if he was going to come out of it but the way it was written seemed a little too plot convenient.

GALE: I like that Gale has a sense of humor, a sense of loyalty, and is brave.  I really liked him as a choice for Katniss even though I knew it would always be Peeta.

THE GAMES: I have read reviews online that say the movie was too violent for PG-13.  Um, they toned it WAAAAAAAAAAAY down from the amount in the book.  Plus.. HELLO!  It was a book about kids killing each other.  Why would there be no violence?  I swear I think the public loses IQ points by the minute.

MOCKINGJAY: 3 STARS   (Much like I hear J.K. Rowling's later HP books were, Mockingjay was hastily written, poorly edited, and lacked depth.  Plus, after all that ass-kicking female reading the trilogy ends with a sappy story.  I call cop out, Suzanne Collins.)

THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE: 4 STARS (I had some issues with it, such as they should've mentioned District 13, since it is a crucial plot point in Mockingjay, and they should have made it more clear what the prize was for winning the games, but overall I think they did a pretty decent job condensing that much information into 2 hours.)


  1. I agree with you on books and movie. The biggest downfall of the movie, for me, was Gale. Why even have him in the movie if they weren't going to explain his relationship with Katniss.

  2. bermudaonion (Kathy)April 14, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    I've only read the first book and haven't decided if I'll continue the series or not.  I'll post about the movie soon.

  3. Good, comprehensive review. I hadn't even noticed the movie didn't explain the prize for winning the Games until you mentioned it. Also, I didn't like that they changed the way Katniss got the Mockingjay because the movie never mentioned why the Mockingjay is a symbol of rebellion.

    Also, I was interested to read that some people said the later HP books were hastily/poorly written. I had never heard that. I thought the fifth book was pretty confusing (it was my least favorite), and the sixth book was a lot of background information and not a lot of action, but I thought that was necessary to set the foundation for the final book. Just some food for thought. :)

  4. I completely agree.  I want to see the movie again to dissect it more.  I loved Woody.  I've heard the comments about violence also and yes, hello, it is a book about children killing children.  Can't change that.  Also feel like Mockingjay was too fast and peachy.

  5. I've only read the first book (so far), and while they are definitely good books, so far I'm finding it really difficult to connect to Katniss. She's way emotionally dense, no?

  6. Yes, she can be.  She doesn't really have a good example around her.  Her mother is so emotionally stunted at this point and she has had to become the adult at a young age.  She does get better as the books go on.  You can see her emotional growth.

  7. Mockingjay was just so thrown together that it felt almost random and dissociated from itself, if that makes sense.  I think it would have been better if it had been split into 2 books, perhaps.

  8. I agree about the Mockingjay pin.  I understand why she got it from the Hob, a) that was about all the time they had to show the hob, and b) it took out the mayor's daughter (her name escapes me right now) so they could simplify things.  But you are right that the symbolism was skidded over.  I know Collins helped write the script so I would be interested to know why she did not include these things.  

    Also, I have never read the HP books so I cannot give an opinion on them other than what I have heard and that is from four sources.  Of course, there are others who loved them as well.  My impression is that the style of the later books (the density of the information and the wordiness) was similar.

  9. I would like to read your thoughts, Kathy!  

  10. I agree :) the final book just seemed to convenient and happy ending for my liking. Overall the series is good but not wow. Ideally I think Suzanne Collins should have stayed one book thats. Maybe she could have told the revolution bit from another character and it would have been a more wow series. great review and I cant wait to see this book.  I must admit I was concerned about the violence when I heard the movie was being done becuase the book was bad in some parts.


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