February 26, 2012

Review: FANG by James Patterson

This is the sixth book in the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. The series, if you don't know, follows a group of hybrid "bird kids" ~ kids conceived in a test tube and injected with 2% avian DNA, grown in a lab in dog crates, and now on the run from scientists trying their best to bring them back to either continue experiments on them or to simply kill them.

To prevent spoilers to those who haven't read the previous books I will not say what the personal drama is about, but there is a scientist named Dr. Hans who is trying to convince Max and the others to use them as evolutionary templates for the impending apocalypse. He even introduces his first experiment ~ a new bird kid named Dylan who the Voice tells Max was made just for her to start a new flock with.

The book is another fast-paced, twisty adventure like the first 5 in the series. There is hardly a pause to catch your breath before something else is happening. I look forward to reading the seventh book, ANGEL, next.

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  1. My students love these books!  I haven't read one, but I love hearing more about what they're each about so I know the gist.  Thanks!  :)

  2. When I first started reading the book I was in love with Fang. Then Dylan came and turned my perspective a lot I feel bad saying this but when Fang was dying I was relieved. Dylan and Max are destined to be together and Dylan tries so hard to talk to Max and she always puts him down so my least favorite characters are definitely Max and Angel. I really hope Dylan and Max get together finally in other books

  3. Patterson is a genius in his respective field.

  4. I really, really need to read this series. Might start it when I finish reading Percy Jackson. Good review.


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