February 25, 2012

Literary News Fit to Share

Good golly it's been a month and a half since I posted. Where does the time go?

Oh wait, I know.


Holy mother of time-sucking addictions.

Anyway, I just finished The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and while I am gathering my thoughts on it I wanted to share some interesting bookish stuff with you all and wish you a spectacular Saturday!

1. Book Riot is declaring May 8th "Toni Morrison Day" in honor of the release of Morrison's new novel, Home. Morrison is one of my favorite authors (see my reviews on The Bluest Eye and Beloved. )
and so I am so into celebrating this day by one, grabbing a hold of her new novel if I can, and two, reading it or another one of her novels that week (I can not read a book in one day if it is longer than 100 pages. ADD and all.) Will you be celebrating?

2. Lord Valdemort and other HP characters respond on Twitter to J.K. Rowling's announcement she was writing a new book for adults.

3. All kinds of books, fiction and nonfiction alike, are coming to a big screen near you soon. I, myself, will be watching The Hunger Games, One for the Money, Norwegian Wood, and Chimpanzee. Act of Valor I saw last night and I will tell you right now- YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE. My review is coming soon.

4. I <3 the idea of Literary Mix Tapes. I don't know how I have not gotten into these yet, but I want to try this out. Have you tried these? What do you think of it?


  1. I can't see the characters' reactions in that JK Rowling story, just some html code. :(

  2. Hmm...I'm not sure why.  I tried it with two different browsers. Maybe some setting?  idk.  Here is one for you from Neville Longbottom:

    That awkward moment when you realize all the people who are excited for JKs new book have not read anything since HP.


  3. Ahh, Pinterest.  So much fun!  
    I've tagged you and I hope you'll play along...


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