October 24, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

I saw this meme on a few blogs and thought I would play along. Hopefully it is not so overdone that no one cares anymore! lol

This is me in the raincoat playing teacher or school when I was younger. How cute am I? :)

: 32 on Nov. 15

Bed Size: Double

Chore that you hate: Dishes and bathtubs.

Dogs: Nope. Had a cat until this past July though. Miss her!

Essential start to your day: Hot shower to get my muscles warm enough to move around. And then caffeine to get my mind working!

Favorite colors: Yellow. It is bright and cheery and optimistic, the way I strive to be in life. I don't make it every day to fun and cheery and optimistic, but I can look at yellow and feel automatically a little better.

Gold or Silver: Silver. I think I look weird in gold jewelry.

Height: 5'4

Instruments you play: I took piano lessons and have tried with guitar but I am not good at either. I am a master karaoke singer, however. I can hold my own with Motown and Adele. I can thank my mom for my voice. She's even better.

Job Title: After School Teacher

Kids: None.

Live: North Carolina

Mother-in-Law's name: I've been engaged twice but did not go through with either one and luckily dodged the bullet of having a true mother-in-law.

Nicknames: Becca. Never ever Becky.

Overnight hospital stays: Two nights after back surgery when I was 20 and that's all so far. Where is some wood to knock on?

Pet Peeves: People who drive the same speed in one lane as the driver in the lane beside them is going. Either go faster or slower! What is the deal with this?? Also, people who don't learn from their mistakes. By the 5th time it's pretty damn old. Go away.

Quote from a movie: "Get busy living, or get busy dying." -The Shawshank Redemption

Right or Left handed: Right.

Siblings: Two sisters, one older and one younger. That should explain a lot about me right there. Middle child syndrome was definitely me growing up.

Time you wake up: Typically around 9 or 10am but I have been known to wake up at 3am or 11am. It just depends on how much sleep I did or did not manage to get the night before.

Underwear: Hipsters with lace or fun boyshorts. Life's too short for granny panties.

Vegetable you hate: Canned, mushy green beans. Just nasty. Not a fan of cauliflower, tomatoes, or radishes either.

What makes you run late: Being in pain. Sometimes I can only move so quickly.

X-Rays you've had: Um, multiple for my back, at least 2 on my ankle.

Yummy food that you make: Jeera Chicken (Indian dish), Garlic Roasted Potatoes, and Stuffed Pork Chops
Zoo animal: I love the monkeys and apes. Love.


  1. Great meme! Love your answers especially since it means getting to know a little bit about Becca, the book blogger behind Lost in Books!

    We have a similar routine after waking up in that I need caffeine for sure & like hot wear to get me moving!

    I'm sorry about your cat...any chance you'll get another?

    Great quote!

  2. What a great meme...thanks for sharing all of this about yourself! I may even do this one myself. I agree with you about those people driving...pass us already!

  3. Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies ever! For that, I forgive you for loving yellow. :-D It's one of my least favorite colors...probably because I once had a yellow car.

  4. I love knowing more about other bloggers, so I really like this meme. It's fun to read and fun to do. I posted mine just a few days ago. ;)

  5. This was fun! You look adorable in your raincoat!

  6. Adorable you in your raincoat, your favourite colour too! I really enjoyed reading your answers as well. Caffeine in the morning is great!

  7. I hate dusting. You should see how dusty my room is.

  8. This was far more interesting than many memes.

    You loved yellow even back then ;)

  9. 5'4"? I swear, from your pictures I thought you were tall! You're just the same as me. :)

  10. One of my favorite movie quotes (from one of my favorite movies). I enjoyed reading your answers!

  11. Loved all your answers but that chicken just looks good!

  12. An interesting meme thanks for sharing. Now I know a little bit more about you :)

  13. I will dust your room if you wash my dishes. :-)

  14. Well since you love Shawshank, I forgive you for not loving yellow. ;)

  15. Hopefully I will get another cat soon.  I miss having a pet!


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