October 25, 2011

Literary News Fit to Share

1. Tolkien's original Hobbit drawings to be published to mark 75th anniversary- Guardian UK
There are actually 110 Hobbit pictures, several of which have never been published before.

2. The Fierce Imagination of Haruki Murakami -NY Times
Japan may not be, in fact, a page out of one of Murakami's novels, but that may say more for his storytelling skills, don't you think?

3. One Too Many Finalists Announced for NBA Award for Young Literature-
Publishing Perspectives
They couldn't decide on Lauren Myracle or Franny Billingsley so they said screw it let's keep 'em all. Or something like that.

4. Gasp! Google to do away with the Share feature on Google Reader -The Daily Beast
I agree that this is nothing but a backhanded way to make us try to use Google+. No thanks. I will just use my handy-dandy blog here. So HA!

5. Philip Pullman declares war against 'stupidity' of library closures - Guardian UK
I kind of have to agree. How does less access help anyone?

6. Michelle Obama to publish first book on the White House Garden - USA Today
I like Michelle Obama and I admit I don't know much about the role of First Ladies and book writing, but shouldn't it be about something more, say, important?

7. Into Zombies? -Goodreads
Goodreads has your one-week-only all-things-zombie Book Discussion Group with authors.

And a bonus link, just because it's kind of hilarious...

Man orders size 14.50 "monster slippers" and they send him size 1,450 - Geekologie
Because that makes complete sense. Oh, and go to the site to see a picture of him actually IN the said monster slipper.


  1. The Chinese slipper blunder did crack me up, especially now I have seen the photo (as I heard this on French radio!). Somehow I had missed Tokien's - many thanks, The Hobbit was one of my all time favorites as a child.

  2. The share feature on GR is pretty nice, but with tumblr, twitter, and Pinterest to share to, why would I post anything to G+? :p

  3. thanks for the Tolkien link - I missed that one.

    As for Michelle Obama - she can't write about anything more 'political' at the moment, or she'll be treading on hubby's toes - and anything more important is bound to have a political dimension.

  4. I love the monster slipper! And I love even more that they just charged him the regular rate for the pair.


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