August 18, 2011

Review: Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel


This graphic novel tells the story of Garth Hale who is accidentally taken to the after life by a washed-up ghost wrangler. The story goes through Garth finding his Grandpa there, a loyal companion in the form of a skeleton horse he names Skinny, the ghost wrangler who comes to Ghostopolis with his ex-fiancee, who is a ghost, to find Garth and bring him home, and the evil Vaugner who is determined not to let the boy escape back to Earth. The visuals were great and each panel propelled the story along. There were also a few humorous lines in there that made me giggle. I also found parallels between the world of Ghostopolis and its creator, Joe, with the Catholic narrative of life and the after life. You know, minus the zombies and specters. I didn't find it to be as original as I had hoped.


  1. Oh wow dont get me started on Manga! I was a bit of a freak for it back in the day lol. Along this theme is a good one called Bleach about a grim reaper so to speak who accidently transfers her powers to a human and is stuck with him till she gets her powers back. If you want more recommendations I can give you HEAPS!

    Manga rocks :) Let me know (you have my email yea?) if you want some more recomendations I can tell you my faves.

  2. I'm not much of a graphic novel fan but I wonder if this one would be good for my teenaged son who does love graphic novels. It sounds like it could be up his alley.

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