August 10, 2011

Quick Question Wednesday

I thought it would be fun (and in line with the randomness that is moi) to create some posts where I ask you lovely readers about bookish topics or movie topics and you reply in the comments. It is just a fun way to discuss interesting topics and also get to know each other better as far as favorites and preferences.

Today I would like to start off by asking: What book to movie casting decision has you thinking, "WTF were they thinking?" The Hunger Games? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? The Help? Twilight? Something Borrowed? Who would you cast instead?


  1. Nikki Reed is pretty but she's not Rosalie Hale pretty and them trying to bleach her hair and pale her up for the part just looked strange and unfortunate. There are plenty of gorgeous blonde actresses out there who would have been better for the part.

  2. The rumors I've heard concerning the Stephanie Plum books makes me think what the heck. I hope they're not true.

  3. when i read the Twilight series ,i pictured a young Brad Pitt as Edward ............kinda like Louie ,so when i saw Robert Patterson in the part ,it was like oh ! gag ,but my 12 year old daughter thought he was perfect ,talk about your generation gap

  4. Twilight's pretty bad. Taylor Lautner as Jacob is good, but Kristen Stewart and Rat's Nest RPatt are just not what I pictured AT ALL. I pictured Bella as being more along the lines of Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries, and Edward I saw as being v. young Jude Law. I always think of him as a blonde for some reason.

  5. Hi!
    I've read the books but haven't seen the movies. I'm still waiting for the Stephanie Plum movie to come out. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  6. Robert Downey Jr. is way too short to play Sherlock Holmes. Despite that, he did an okay job in the first movie so I'll probably go to see the next one.


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