July 19, 2011

Harry Potter Meme

I thought I would participate in Tif Talks Book's Harry Potter meme in honor of the last movie being released (and my constant nagging for someone to please go see it and enjoy it with me.) Here we go:

When and Where (when you first discovered the series)
: I don't recall where I first heard about it or when, but I remember one of my college roomies was obsessed with HP. I thought it was childish (gasp!) UNTIL I walked in from class one day and she was watching the The Sorcerer's Stone. I remember I stood mesmerized as Harry's owl delivered him the mail. I sat down and watched the rest of the movie. From then on, I was an HP fan. Now I just need to read the books. But any Harry Potter fan worth their weight is not giving their books to the used book store and that is all I can afford right now. I am on the waiting list at the library to read them in 2015.

Favorite Character: Ron. He is an underrated character, I think. He is the comic relief in all of the crazy, scary, daring adventures the trio has together. Hagrid is my second favorite.

Most Hated Character: Either Lucius Malfoy (the ego!) or Dolores Umbridge (what a witch!)

Favorite Book: To be determined...

Favorite Movie: Probably Prisoner of Azkaban because I think that was the movie where things got a little more complex but they were not yet dark and twisty.

Rank the Books (1 = favorite, 7 = least favorite):

1. TBD

Most Memorable Scene: The owl scene I mentioned above or Dumbledore's death.

What You Will Miss the Most: Ron, Hermione, and Harry

What You Are Looking Forward To (even despite the end): Pottermore and whatever else J.K. Rowling has up her sleeve, which I hope is a lot.


  1. I was nostalgic (well actually still am) after watching that final instalment last week!! *sigh*

    This meme seems fun! Might wanna steal it. :)

  2. Wow, I'm surprised to hear that there aren't any in the used stores! There are always tons and tons in our Half Price Books stores.

    I also think Ron is an underrated character, though I really dislike Hagrid, I admit. I think it's interesting that you like the third movie best. It's the one that strays the most from the book, and as that book is one of my two favorites, that's the movie I like least, haha. :D

    Great meme!

  3. I did this one too! It's fun. I also love that scene with the owls in the first movie. I just rewatched it this week prepping for the final film. :)

    I hope the books live up to your expectations! I'd loan you mine but they're in storage. :)

  4. Great meme! I am going to go do it right now. I think Neville is one of my favorite characters.

  5. This was awesome! I lifted it and linked to your blog.

    Sirius was my favorite. Loved him. Wish we had more.

  6. Oh I might have tl do this one what fun! I loved your answers. Ron is underrated as a character.

  7. I am sooooo late in responding to this! Horrible, horrible, I know!

    Anyways, I am now going to be keeping my eye out for some used copies of these books for you! Which one do you need to read next? I actually just picked up a UK edition at my library bookstore a couple of weeks ago! My goal is to have every copy available!

    Ron is by far my favorite, but you already knew that!

    I cannot wait for what JK has up her sleeve either! I will instantly buy it!

    I cannot wait to see which book you end up liking the best!


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