May 25, 2011

Armchair BEA: These are a few of my favorite blogs...

I've been a bad Armchair BEA participant and have missed the first two days of fun. Oops! A lot of participants are doing interviews today but since I missed the cutoff I am listing a few of my favorite blogs. As you can tell from my blogroll, I like many more blogs than I can possibly keep up with (for shame, I know) but here are a few that I read no matter how busy I get.

1. The Zen Leaf- Amanda runs a fantastic blog. She reads a lot of classics and has a wicked affinity for collecting and reading Harry Potter in every language. I really like what she has done with the blog lately- she has added her health goals, which is really awesome. She is encouraging me to do the same. She has been a motivating factor for me in my weight loss journey and she continues to inspire me in that area. I am really glad I have gotten to know her!

2. Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Books- Tasha (aka Heidenkind) is a lover of romance novels. I'm not so much. So that I love tuning in to read what Tasha has written next should say a lot about the character of her blog. It is fresh, it is funny, it is inviting, and it is never dull.

3. things mean a lot- If you have been to Ana's blog than I am positive you bookmarked it, subscribed to it, and joined the hundreds of others who can't get enough of Ana's blogging. She has me wanting to read books I never considered in a million years before she talked about it. Yea, she that's good.

4. S. Krishna's Books- I love the mix of literary fiction and culture in the book reviews that this blog provides. Not to mention the South Asian Reading Challenge she runs. Definitely add to my TBR list here.

5. Tif Talks Books- She hosts Fairy Tale Fridays and Challenge, as well as Armchair BEA. She is one of the nicest people I have "met" blogging and I always want to check out what she is up to in her life and what she is into from her bookshelf.

6. Passages to the Past- There is no doubt that this is the blog where I get into the most trouble with adding to my TBR list!!! Amy has made me fall in love with historical fiction and keeps me hooked. She also has amazing giveaways to help me read more hist. fic. too!

These are just six of my favorites. Please check out my blogroll (on the right) and my growing blog button collection (on the left) for more favorites!


  1. Hooray, you're participating! :) Thank you for mentioning my humble blog. All the other blogs you mentioned are really great!

  2. Great choices! And I am happy to be meeting two new bloggers on your list... off to check out their blogs.

  3. I didn't jump in on time to do BEA, and it's the last week of school so I won't be at this point. It's fun to see these highlight points! I actually follow all of these guys as well. All are great! :)

  4. I see we have many of the same favorite book blogs, although I hadn't come across Tif Talks Books yet - I'm going to remedy to that right now! :)


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