December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Austen!

Happy Birthday to Jane Austen!

In honor of her birthday I will be reading about her life and her writing in my copy of Jane Austen's Illustrated Treasury. Now that I have read Persuasion I can read that section as I waited until I read the book to read about it in the Treasury.

What about you? Will you be reading any Austen today?


  1. I must have known somehow that it was her birthday but it slipped right out of my mind. I am glad to have been reminded and perhaps I will read a bit of Austen this evening.

  2. I just finished reading Northanger Abbey the other day! :)

  3. Would love to read some Austen this week, I just wish I had the time! Still, I have read every Austen novel a minimum of twice, some of them four or five times, plus watched most movies and adaptations at least once, not to mention reading a few academic books about her life and work, so I'm not going to let myself feel too guilty.

  4. hip-chick: I almost forgot myself!

    Amanda: I haven't read that one yet. I look forward to it!

    Tracy: Yes, I think you get a pass since you can probably quote a lot of Austen already. :)


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