November 17, 2010

Bookish News That's Fit to Share

1. Was Jane Austen Edited? Does It Matter? - A new website that has put thousands of her manuscripts online suggests that her elegant prose was not her own, but rather her male editor's. Janeites to the rescue!

2. National Book Award Judge Sara Zarr gives her thoughts on the judging process- I find it quite quotable actually.

3. Speaking of which, it is the day of the National Book Awards. Keep up with details from the website, the Twitter page, and Facebook.

4. Daniel Radcliffe says J.K. Rowling texted him 'No more Harry Potter'- What do you think?

5. Medallion Press has launched a new fiction book line called Ya-Ya, focused on authors who are 13-to-18-years-old- Young Adults writing for Young Adults? Awesome.


  1. My professor was talking about #1 yesterday in class. I think all published writers have help, that's what editors are for. I think if manuscripts were not molded and shaped into something and writers just published first drafts etc that the world of books would look very different. Writing is a craft, it takes work and effort and help. That doesn't mean Austen wasn't a good writer, she had her strengths and weakness like all other writers do.

  2. I wonder how much those YA YA authors are getting paid.

  3. I'm loving the idea of YA YA...this could be huge!

  4. YA-YA is cool!
    But more importantly: Janeites to the rescue!! Let not the inheritane of Lady Jane be tainted by rumours!

  5. I don't think these 'revelations' affect Austen's status at all, it seems to be just an attempt to grab some publicity for a website.

  6. Very cool links!! I loved reading the one about Rowling (you know I'm a huge Potter fan!) and I'm really curious about the YA-YA one!

    How are you feeling these days, by the way?


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