August 26, 2010

Woman's Book of Creativity by C. Diane Ealy

From learning to use the power of imagery to using humor to warm up our mental flexibility for creative processes, The Woman's Book of Creativity has many ways to harness your inner creator.

This book, while not quite a creatively made book, does have good, solid suggestions for understanding what Ealy calls "feminine creativity," the difference from "masculine creativity" is apparently that the female comes away from the process changed. If this was, indeed, what Ealy was trying to say, I don't agree with it. However, like I said, there are solid suggestions for tapping into your creativity, no matter what gender it may happen to be.

The section I found most useful was that on overcoming blocks, procrastination, and dealing with "quieting the inner critic." My inner critic never seems so loud as when I sit down to create art of some kind. Whether it is painting pottery or filling a scrapbook or drawing a picture I find myself critiquing myself harder than I ever would a friend. I become a sort-of perfectionist. While I will accept that I made whatever it is, I will always find the million and one flaws that it has and depreciate the beauty and artistry of it, as well as the fact I took a chance and tried my best. It is like when a woman looks in the mirror and she sees everything that is wrong with her while someone else looking at her wouldn't even notice that dot of a blemish by her nose or the wrinkles when she smiles. The other person notices the whole face or the fact that she is smiling. The inner critic is definitely a hard one to silence.

If you are looking to discover your inner creative spirit and overcome your own roadblocks to creativity, then this book is worth reading. Here's to finding our creative selves!

BOOK #: 51
RATING: 3 Stars
FOR CHALLENGES: ThemeQuest Challenge, New Authors, 100+ in 2010
GENRE: Nonfiction
PUBLISHER: Beyond Words Publishing/1995
FORMAT/PAGES: Paperback/249
HEY, FCC!: Borrowed from library.


  1. I don't think I'm very creative, so I probably need a book like this!

  2. I tend to get annoyed with books that suggest men and women are so very different, so it doesn't sound like this is one for me. I do, however, love the idea of a book designed to help you tap in to your creativity.

  3. I definitely could use help with quieting that inner critic! I'm so discontented with everything I do that I'm prone to change creative outlets fairly often trying to find the thing I feel I'm good at.

  4. I don't agree with books that suggest you silence your inner critic. It's there because people need it to create or do better. If you're not creating art because you're afraid of doing crap, that's a courage issue--your inner critic has nothing to do with it.


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