August 28, 2010

Literary News Fit to Share

1. Two-thirds of Britons have not set foot in a library in the past year - Telegraph
But 77.9 percent of five- to ten-year-old's have visited in the past year. Apparently they are going by themselves?

2. Perhaps the answer to the vacant libraries in the U.K. are combining them with pubs? - BBC News
I could get used to that. Books and beer? Why isn't this everywhere already?

3. Lisbeth Salander's IKEA shopping list - Apartment Therapy
I haven't read the 2nd book in the Millennium Trilogy, but I will be looking for this bit of "consumerist poetry" when I do.

4. New book on Alexander the Great's childhood gets banned in British Columbia, Canada for a racy cover - The Guardian
It's the backside of a naked man on a horse. Scandalous.

5. Google's early start on its book search has secured itself as a monopoly on the digital library - The Chronicle for Higher Education
No matter what happens with the book settlement, Google Books should be adequately available to scholars, the journal says.

6. Beijing International Book Fair: E-Publishing boosts China's booming book market - Publishing Perspectives
The book fair, which runs August 30 through September 3, is attracting an increasingly global audience with sales of e-books way up. In fact, Shanda Literature Group- the country's largest digital publisher- now has their own e-reader, the Bambook.

7. Keith Richards, Jay-Z to give talks at NY Public Library this fall - Yahoo! News
Toni Morrison will be there, too, but that doesn't garner quite the same number of clicks I suppose.


  1. I'm not sure those renegade library-visiting kids are as independent as the statistics make them appear...

  2. I love the books and beer idea, although I think I would prefer wine or coffee! But still, great concept for a library!

  3. We have a bar called The Library in my county. :)

  4. I like the idea of a pub/library, but then we'd get more of the "drunks" than we already do. Also why are books that have a man's backside banned,but a woman can show too much cleavage and not get banned.:)

  5. I think books and beer might work. Books and almost anything works, so why not beer?

  6. Thanks for keeping us updated :-) I vote for the books'n'beers idea, it sounds great. Interesting that a book was banned for a racy cover. I don't recall having heard about that before.

  7. Great links! Beer and books has my vote, although I'd switch out the beer for wine :)

  8. I love Lisbeth Salander's IKEA shopping list. Brilliant.

  9. I awarded you;

  10. Great list! I'm especially excited by Keith Richards and Jay Z at the NYPL!

  11. They don't use their libraries? I love my library :)


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